new zealand nurse

  1. hi all
    my first posting here.
    I have just returned to nursing after 4 years out having babies and being at home. Talk about terrifying. I was once so assertive and effecient - now I feel like a dithering idiot at times !
    I guess it will take time to build up my confidience.
    I work on a in house bureau in one hospital in Auckland. So I go to lots of wards which is great for the knowledge base, but challenging !
    I usually work 6- 11pm on Tiesdays and an afternoon shift on sunday.
    I get $20 an hour and time and half on sun. I have been nursing 10 years. I guess that compares to other countries when you convert the dollar.
    We have a crisis on our hands here regarding shortage of nurses. Guess it is a worldwide thing. How did we let this happen ?
    Love to hear anyone elses experience coming back to nursing after a break.