New York doctor given go-ahead for world's first womb transplant


    Doctors are hoping to carry out the world's first womb transplant and have begun interviewing prospective patients. An American team have been given approval for the groundbreaking operation following laboratory experiments on animals.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    I favor adoption over IVF, surgery, and surrogate mothers. I am aware that passing on their genetic material is important to people.

    I heard Rush this morning fantacising about pregnant men after a transplant, then going into some "liberal agenda" for people to legally declare their desired sex. he said, "A man could become a woman legally, even with a penis. Imagine the ramifications with public bathrooms, all girls schools, and gay marriage."

    It reminded me of the conversations of drug taking students when I was in college and some patients in my mental health rotation in nursing school.