New Trial Opens Against Saddam Hussein

  1. New Trial Opens Against Saddam Hussein

    In other news from Iraq, Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein went on trial today on charges of killing tens of thousands of Kurds with poison gas in the late 1980s. Hussein refused to enter a plea to the charges. At the time of the attacks, Hussein was still backed by the United States. In 1991, U.S. intelligence sources told the Los Angeles Times that they believe that Hussein used American-built helicopters to drop bombs on Kurdish civilians.
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  3. by   indigo girl
    Where will the evidence come from? He was a cruel man, but did he really do this?


    I've been asked to look at some Human Rights Watch info regarding this, and I will. I'm not defending this guy, but I have ask, if he did do this, where did these weapons come from?
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    Must have stayed up too late when I last did this thread so removed previous article which did not belong here.

    I have since looked at quite a bit of material regarding the territories where the Kurdish villages were. It does not look good for Sadam. The CIA report had said the gassings of the one village involved the Iranians. But, then there are all those other villages...
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