New {{{Teen}}} driver insurance premium :(

  1. Holy cr@p! I just got my car insurance new premium due by the 19th of April...full payment $699.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would have been $283.00 for myself, hubby and three cars. Now I know why alot of parents refuse to let their kids get their license...until THEY can aford it. What the hell were we thinking???

    "I let my mind wander and it came back thru the mail!"
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  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Das Right !! That insurance database knows your number.

    When I hit 15, the first thing I did was ask my dad for the keys to the trunk one Saturday, ran to the hardware store (actually ran on foot) and copied the two ignition keys. Then, I could just take the other car if they were gone, or I could wake up when they were sleeeping and drive.

    Because of my nibble driving record, I remember how my parents insurance would have a addendum in it that probibited me from driving their cars. My dad would show me everytime. he still let me drive the car if I wanted. I never had an accident, just bewkew speeding tickets, lol
  4. by   night owl
    lol! mario, you're too much!
    I've never gotten a speeding ticket... always managed to get myself out of them

    I do, however, have this habit of rear ending people

    But HEY! I've been accident free for almost 3 years now :roll

  6. by   leesonlpn
    Is that $699 for the year? I'm here in canada. british columbia. My son is 17. If he had to insure his own car under his own name,, it would be $1498.00 a year. So my son's dad, my ex, insured the card under his(my ex's name). It is much cheaper.($960 a year)So, my son pays his dad $75 dollars a month, to put towards the insurance. Bad thing is if the insurance company finds out my son's dad isn't the primary driver, it's naughty naughty and revoke of insurance. My son has had two speeding tickets already. First one was the first month of getting his novice licence. $150.00. Second one was in a school zone, $173.00. As soon as the department of motor vehicles gets the info from the second infraction, my son will be losing his licence for 3 months.(All part of the british columbian gradualted young drivers program.) Kids got to learn the hard way. That means I am a chauffeur for 3 Street racing on the rise here too. Now the police have the authority to suspend licences on the spot for two years, when offenders caught.I think all teenage boys should only have clydesdales for transportation. What's the worse that could happen?
  7. by   night owl
    I started smiling when I saw you replied to my thread.

    [SIZE=large]A horse![/SIZE] That's the answer!!! Thanx Leeson
  8. by   NurseAngie
    Love it Leesonlpn!!!!!!!! My baby is almost 7 and wants a horse for his birthday...Maybe I should get him one so he'll be used to it!!
    Happy Nursing~Ang