New Orleans-Hurricane Isadore-Hospitals & Bars

  1. It seems with the path of Hurricane Isadore predicted to hit New Orleans on Thursday, the hospitals are cancelling elective surgeries.

    How is the rest of the city handling the situation?'s been raining all day and New Orleans IS below sea level.

    "If it keeps raining like this, we'll be flooded inside
    before long," said SHAUN HALE, the doorman at PAT
    "I don't think we'll close because of that though....we'll
    just take our shoes off."


    You gotta love the spirit of the Big Easy.
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    Always love the "before and after interviews" of the bar patrons who decide to throw the hurricane parties instead of evacuating. It's such a contrast between the inebriated bravado before and the ohmigod, never again! afterwards.