New Orleans....

  1. Hey...wondering if any of u guys know of things to do in New Orleans?
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  3. by   manna
    Hurricanes! Chicory and Beignets! Lots of good cajun food...

    Obviously my mind is revolving around food right now ... I'm sure you'll have no problem finding lots of fun stuff to do (wish I had more input, but I haven't been down there in years... would sure like to go, though)

    This site has lots of good info, including a visitors' guide -
  4. by   elkpark
    I've been to NO many times (it's one of my favorite cities in the US, probably because it's so unlike most US cities ...) I always enjoy just walking around the Quarter and seeing what I find -- there are many unusual and interesting shops (besides all the t-shirt/beads/plastic schlock tourist stores) full of art, antiques, jewelry (new and old), clothing, etc. And, of course, the architecture is interesting and gorgeous. There are a couple of v. good used bookstores in the Quarter, if that interests you (always something I look for when visiting a city). There is also a tiny (private) museum of medical history and oddities ... NO has an art museum which has a v. good collection for a small museum, out in the Garden District (which is also full of interesting and unusual shops and beautiful old homes). If you're into gambling (or curious), there is a big Harrah's casino on one edge of the Quarter. Nearby is the city aquarium and an IMAX theatre. The old Jackson Brewery has been converted into a pretty conventional mall, with lots of familiar stores and a multi-plex theatre.

    I'm sure you will enjoy your stay -- it's a great city!
  5. by   NICU_Nurse
    There's Canal Place, which has upscale shops (pricy), but you can shop at those anywhere. The absolute best way to do it is just grab a map and wander around the Quarter- the best shops are little hole-in-the wall boutiques or galleries. Kruz is an excellent ethnic boutique right near Esplanade that I would highly recommend- lots of good stuff. Bourbon French parfumerie has some of the prettiest antique and Venetian glass perfume bottles and accessories (think detailed little decanters and atomizers, compacts, etc.) as well as their own line of perfumes; I think they can mix custom scents for you as well. Another custom parfumerie is Hove parfumers; it's also in the quarter- if you're looking for unique scents, try them both and compare. There are a lot of great secondhand stores if you like thrifting; Paisley Babylon is a good start. Check out the French Market- the front has fruits/vegetables and local cuisine (alligator on a stick- yum!), and there's nothing like buying a big hunk of sugarcane and just eating it right there on the curb. Same goes for watermelon, satsumas, etc. It's a very informal market, and has the typical touristy stuff, but also has some great local crafts, jewelry, etc. if you take the time to look around. The back part is all vendor tables- definitely worth a walk through, and it's historic to boot. Try the Fauberg Marigny behind Esplanade- start on Frenchman and check out the little stores, galleries, etc. Some new restaurants there, good food, fantastic little gay and lesbian bookstore with an excellent selection if you've got an open mind and like to read. You could have your cards or tea leaves read at the Tea room (on Chartres); it's a short walk from Jackson square. Or, take your chances with the square vendors and have them read right there on the sidewalk- though I'd recommend the Tea room. Have a gelato or some spumoni at Angelo Brocato's- their pistachio ice cream is the creamiest, most delicious thing known to man. Take a cab to Magazine Street and spend an afternoon walking around, antiquing, etc. If you're into alternative music, try the Mushroom on Broadway. Their employees are virtual music encyclopedias, and it's a great place to get recommendations on new music, both national and local (particularly local). Speaking of local music, try Louisiana Music Factory (they often have live in-store performances with local musicians; check the listings) or Tower records, which is a chain but has a FANTASTIC local selection. Get a burger (the biggest and best IMO) at Port-of-Call on Esplanade. Go to the Voodoo Museum (Dumaine). Ditto on the pharmacy museum (it's really, really worth it, and it's really, really cheap!) on Chartres. Grab a Gambit Weekly when you get into town (they have them at all Barnes and Nobles, and most people can tell you where to get one if you can't get to the bookstore) and an OffBeat! magazine (lists EVERY bar and club with all music acts- both of these are free publications) and read through them for more ideas. Let me know if you need any more info. Oh, and Carmelo's Ristorante Italiano is on...South Peters?...right by the river, and it's some of the most delicious Italian food you've ever eaten. I could type forty pages about the food alone, but if you're looking for the best of the best, I recommend Carmelo's, Port-of-Call, the Gumbo Shop, and Court of Two Sisters. All right there in the French Quarter. Have fun!
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  6. by   NICU_Nurse
    And the Praline Connection. Forgot one.
  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    And stop by the George Rodrigue gallery on Royal (the Blue Dog artist)- it's freaking expensive as hell, but worth a look inside.
  8. by   crankyasanoldma
    The walking tour of NO graveyards is very interesting- it starts in the Quarter somewhere. Always take tours by the Parks people in the Smoky-the-Bear hats. They are always interesting.

    And watch your purse at all times!! :uhoh21:
  9. by   NICU_Nurse
    Also, if you're going to go to a cemetery, the biggie is St. Louis Cemetery no. 1 (it's the oldest). Other odds and ends...sorry, just throwing things off the top of my head! Try uptown area for upscale shopping (Magazine is much more bohemian, but they have some really cute boutiques on St. Charles and on Prytania- however, they're spread out, so you either need to know where you're going or rent a car and drive around). For nightlife, try places like Snug Harbor (jazz), Tipitina's or Tipitina's downtown (they built a new, larger club), the Dragon's den (a rumored opium den ages ago that is a very informal club to hear some great eclectic music- you sit on huge cushions- very atmospheric and VERY New Orleans-type experience...get some curry and some sake and go with an open mind and a designated driver). If you're looking for something fancier, try Brennan's, Antoine's, Arnaud's, or the Grill Room at the Windsor Court (I think that one's Michelin rated as the best restaurant in the city). During the day, you can do some semi-hokey things like take a riverboat cruise (sounds cheesy, actually *is* kind of cheesy, but you'll never get a view of New Orleans like you will on these boats), or, take the Zoo Cruise boat to the Zoo (no need to stay if you don't want- simply take it and then return on the next one to get a great view of the river and the sights).

    Maybe it would be easier if you told me what kind of people you are. I'll try to tailor the recommendations.

    Excuse the rambling, btw. I worked my sixth night in a row last night and have yet to go to bed, so I'm disorganized mentally.
  10. by   theblondeone
    Please don't forget to see Uptown, the garden district!!! Take the street car on the corner of canal up St. Charles and just keep riding til you see something you like!! It's an amazing area with quaint shops, antique dealers and those beautiful old southern mansions, some of which are open to tour. That's also the best way to get to the Audobon Zoo and Tulane University, both of which are a must see. There's an old convent that is open for tour, and it's amazing. For lunch, I recommend Igor's, best burgers anywhere and you can do your laundry!! It's right on St. Charles next to The Avenue Plaza Resort and The Ponchatrain Hotel. Also, don't forget to go into St. Andrew's Cathedral on Jackson Square and have your Palm read in the square!! The best place for cheap, authentic cajun food in the quarter is the Alpine on St. Chartres. If you order a bloody mary (which are fabulous there) and you order spicy, You'd Better Mean it!! Have a great time. I miss it, lived in New Orleans for 6 years and would go back in a heart beat.
  11. by   BRANDY LPN
    We went last summer, and the Quarter is great and the market is where to get all those gifts for cheap, and we went on a gator tour pretty neat ( but we had kids with us) and don't forget the beignets and then some more beignets then shrimp then more beignets lol, could live there and eat nothing but beignets and shrimp.
  12. by   nekhismom
    I hated beignets when I went to NO. And if you're a vegetarian, it can be very frustrating to find food you can eat there. Otherwise, it was great!
  13. by   adidas99
    wow, nicu-nurse!!!!! u know where everything is...wanna be my tour guide for the 2 days
    And i think i saw on line that canal place is on/near canal st., which is where we're stayin at as well.

    thanks for all the info...let me know if u think of anything else!!!!! i got another month to investigate
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  14. by   NICU_Nurse
    Well, I've never seen that B&B, but it's PRETTY far from the French Quarter. Are you going to have a car? I don't know what you're planning, but this is in a not-so-hot area, and it's not convenient at all to the Quarter or any of it's attractions. However, it looks beautiful online, so that's your call.

    For something much closer, you might try one of these: (the honeymoon suite is SO gorgeous)

    We almost got married at the Melrose Mansion, btw.

    However, IMO, these, in order of least to most, are the best ones witht he best locations: (this is listed in the Fodor's guide as one of the top 20 in the WORLD- just absolutely gorgeous, but may be out of your price range...don't know what your budget is.)

    Good luck!