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Just read this new novel about a nurse's romance on Amazon called Andrea's Story: A Tale of Modern Passion and Obsession. Has anyone read it and what do you think? Really would like to know what... Read More

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    Jen Girl, Insomnia is my favorite I think. The Nightingale looks really good.
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    I didn't see the race bit, just the nurse bit. The money part was what intrigued me and it was a great read especially the family dynamics.
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    Tried Koontz, but he's sort of lame compared to King. Michael Connolly is also good.
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    Not the author. Subject matter is way beyond my expertise especially the psychological bits. The views are not politically correct so I'm assuming someone European and the vocabulary is definitely Brit I think.
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    Quote from kbrn2002
    Apologies if this ends up posting twice. I responded already and it disappeared! I was also a purist, no ereader for me, until my Mom got me one for Christmas several years ago. Now it's the only way I read. All those books in one small package! It hold hundreds if not thousands of books. No more searching everywhere for that one book I want to read, just look it up in my digital library. Even better is I actually have room on shelves for things other than books in my house. Looking for a new book? Shop online or right on the reader and hit a button to buy it.

    As to what I read, it seems we nurses are a twisted group since Stephen King has been mentioned frequently. I just finished The Stand [again] and read The Shining and Doctor Sleep before that one. Now I totally switched gears and have been reading silly Christmas romances, sorry OP - no smut involved. I don't care if other people like erotica but it's just not for me. I tried to read 50 shades and the first few chapters were written with all the skill of a junior high student. I just couldn't read it. Same with the hugely popular Twilight books, there is not enough tequila in the world to make that movie watchable or the book readable.
    I know . . . my best friend has a Kindle and she swore she'd never do that. So, who knows?

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of erotica books (Shades of Hay and Twilight books) Just not my cup of tea either nor is there enough tequila in the world. I dunno . . . why get myself all hot and bothered when my husband can do it much better than badly written fiction.

    I just remembered that I linked this in another long thread about that HAY series of books . . . it is pretty funny. Profanity alert though.

    Katrina Passick Lumsden (Charlotte, MI)’s review of Fifty Shades of Grey
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    OMG, I loved the Twilight books. Physiologically impossible, but then who needs logic. Even my boyfriend enjoyed the Twilight novels because he read them and he's a climate denialist, so you know reading is not his thing.
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    I read the books on my phone. Much more convenient.
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    Try Daniel Hecht. Really enjoyed his books.
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    How is it possible that no one found that fifty shades of grey funny enough to not make some commentary? That has to be for me one of the most extraordinary pieces of writing ever and the author should be on television!!!