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  1. I really liked Bandits. Bruce and Billy-Bob worked really well together, and Cate Blanchet is really hot and played the neurotic rich housewife who's not getting any really well..
    Just saw K-PAX today and thought it was done really well. Again Jeff Bridges and Spacey were both great. I thought it might be a little hooky but it wasn't @ all.
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  3. by   ICUBecky
    i'm glad you said something about K-Pax. didn't know if i wanted to see it. i go to a movie every sunday while my fiancee watches football with his buddies. so, i'll go see it tomorrow.

    anyone seen From Hell or any of those good horror/suspense flicks that are just now out? are they worth seeing?
  4. by   Jenny P
    I don't go to movies very often (can't stand suspense or violence and don't want to spend the WHOLE night in the BR hiding from the scarey stuff! But we do rent vieos; and last night we saw The Knights Tale which both my husband and I liked (of course, there were parts I had to leave the room for).