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  1. hello everyone.i'm only a 8 yr. rookie.I've done alittle of everything during those eight years.I've worked at a family health clinic,nursing homes,home health and family planning clinic. Currently I've been working as an agency nurse for two years in 5 different hospitals from med.surg.,peds., rehab and skill units. on rare occasions i'll work at a hospital affiliated nursing home setting.I't gets very tiring and hectic at times but in the long run its worth it:roll :roll :roll
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    Welcome! Sounds like your a very well-rounded nurse!
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    Welcome to allnurses. Everyone here is great, well almost everyone
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    welcome texas rose!!,,,,, look forward to reading your posts,,,,,,, you are in excellent company,,,,, sounds like you have lots to offer!,,,,, take care,,,, till next time,,,,, ~kitamoon
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    Welcome to the boards. Keep on posting!
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    Hello and Welcome!
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    Welcome, glad to have you here!
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    Welcome, I suppose the rose is yellow?
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