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  1. I have recently brought a horse and have found that there are three nurses at the barn where I keep my horse, which leads me to believe that there are a few horsey nurses around here............
    I have a few questions for you if you exist.......
    The first being
    I brought my horse a week ago, and on our third ride, which was in the barn, he reared and threw me off, which leaves me with alot of confidence in him........Have any of you had similar experiences, and what were they related to.

    I am guessing that I have brought a problem horse, and it is going to take some time for him to heal........
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  3. by   NsgTiger
    If you bought a horse and are not very comfotable/familiar with them, I recommend that you take professional riding lessons for a while. This will be the best and safest way for you and your new horse to learn one another. Sometimes you may get thrown....but ya just gotta get back in the saddle!
  4. by   srose
    Hmmm...I ALMOST qualify as a 'nurse with a horse'...I'm still just a nursing student, and don't currently own my own horse but I've been riding hunters and jumpers for 10 years and am just leasing at this point due to time and money constraints. It's good to see there are other 'horsey nurses' out there!

    As to your problem, it's hard to offer advice without knowing why he reared ...whether he spooked, was upset or frustrated, or angry. I suggest consulting a trainer and his past owners, if possible. As for building your confidence, I would go back to the basics...lots of simple walk/trot exercises, taking it slow, allowing yourself to build confidence with the small things first, also allowing the horse to get to know you and build confidence with you as a rider. It might also help to take some lessons on an experienced, quiet school horse. This will allow you to work on your skills and confidence independently, without worrying about your horse's problems, then you can translate this confidence to riding your horse.

    I've often suffered a loss of confidence when riding a new/different horse, especially a difficult or green horse, and I suddenly feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. When that happens, I make sure to ride a quieter, more broke horse at least once a week just to boost my confidence and allow me to relax and remember that I DO know what I'm doing

    Good luck!! Feel free to PM or email me if you have any more questions, or just want to talk horses!!

  5. by   sixes
    I rode horses for many years. Equestrians. I have many friends with horses.
    You are new to this horse and he is new to you.
    Perhaps he senses that you are a little nervous and he reacts to this.
    My good friend bought a 2 year old apaloso(sp). Every time she decided to try to ride him he reared and became agitated.
    She asked for my help.
    I saddled him and then let him walk around for awhile, I talked to him and nuzzled him.
    About 1 hour later I was riding. It took them nearly 1 month before he'd let her ride. Problem was she had never broken a horse and was a little intimadated.
    Take your time groom hi, often and bond. A horse is a man's best friend
    Good Luck
  6. by   Rustyhammer
    I am wondering why you are riding the horse in the barn?
    Ok...I have owned horses for a long time and sometimes you get thrown. I don't think you need a trainer or any other person to explain this to you. He reared up and you went off!
    Next time hang on. Try keeping the halter and lead rope on while you ride and if he give you a hard time jump down and give that lead rope a good jerk down while saying NO!
    Show him who is in charge.
    Horses like to have a conflict sometimes on who is actually running the show.
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    I've been thrown a few times. Got right back on, a little more embarrassed than nervous or angry.

    I felt like I knew those horses, though, and there were "extenuating circumstances," and it wasn't deliberate on their part.

    I didn't click with one horse I rode though==her name was Muffin (gotta love the English!) and she was quite a flashy show horse, but she had a mean streak.

    They're like people. Some take some gettin' used to, but I wouldn't wanna live with any that I didn't really click with immediately.
  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    PS Come to think of it, I got thrown once by an otherwise excellent cow pony who'd really just had a little too much oats and not enough exercise and thought that I might enjoy galloping along at a dead run down the mountain, too.


    He was soooo wrong.
  9. by   labornurse
    How much exercise has the horse had? If you leave a horse in the stall with feed and no exercise, for a few days and then take him out and ride him, he could become quite ansey and may spook or overreact to a situation that a horse that gets good exercise may handle with more calm.
  10. by   Jodi future RN
    I have been riding since i was a little girl, so it is hard for me to think about a being a new rider. Good for you!! Just know that a horse can be your best friend, but you have to remain the boss. If he knows you are afraid or intimidated he will take full advantage of that fact, and you might possibly end up on the ground again, get up dust yourself off and get back on. But make sure that you and your horse have the room for, not only riding but falling off as well, making sure that the both of you are safe. I am in my second semester of the nursing program, i have horses but they are with my parents at the moment, since i can't afford to keep them at the moment, and i can't wait to be able to bring them home. (just a note--I have been riding for a very long time, and i still hit the ground ocassionally)
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    When I say barn I actually mean arena, my mistake
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