Nephew was viewing porno sites on MY computer....

  1. The angry face doesn't even start to convey my anger over this situation. Hired my 17 year old nephew to watch my sons today while hubby and I ran errands all afternoon. "Wayne" had been on the internet in our absence... After Wayne left, I checked the history on the computer and Wayne had been visiting porn sites...not just one but several. I don't really mind him being on the internet so much, but I do care when he is downloading filth that my kids could possibly see. Yes, I know it is normal for 17 year old boys to be curious about women but this young man has done this before on his parents' computer. (That is why I thought I better check the history). I called Wayne up and told him that I was very disappointed in him. I know that he was not raised up in an environment where this was seen or even tolerated.....He knows he has really disappointed me and his uncle and that he was wrong.....but geesh.....I would think the kid would have enough brains not to be looking at the stuff on someone's else's computer....I may not be a computer whiz by any means, but I do know how to check the history.....

    Now I am sure my e-mail is going to get slammed with all kinds of spam for porno sites..... I thought about maybe forwarding the e-mails on to his mother.....

    Did have one little bit of fun with this though....The stinker got onto my MSN instant messaging and changed all my contacts and my log in name. Some girl logged in and started chatting with me about her evening...(nothing exciting, just going out to eat with her sister)...but anyway I let this conversation go on for a few moments pretending to be my nephew....then lowered the boom. I told her (in a nice way) that I was not Wayne, but Wayne's aunt and that Wayne had been looking at stuff on the computer that he had no business looking at....I told her to go and have good evening with her sister and not to mention this our little conversation with Wayne. I bet she about peed her pants. I had a good laugh....

    Thanks for letting me vent......
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  3. by   emily_mom
    Are you going to say something to his parents? I don't think I would trust him to watch the boys......

  4. by   baseline
    He changed your MSN and didn't think you'd NOTICE???
    LOL. Kids.
  5. by   PennyLane
    Yes, it's apparently "normal" behavior, but that's just because it's accepted. I would talk to his parents--boys are very impressionable at that age, and he needs to know that women aren't here to "amuse" him. Many women are forced into pornography, as well as other sex trades. I would be incensed if that was on my computer.
  6. by   hapeewendy
    hahahahah he wins the "TOOL OF THE DAY" award for sure
    (no offense, I know he is family , but still!)

    was he at least looking at high quality porn?
    (is there such a thing????)

    that would peeve me off too actually , he's there to watch the kids, not on nipple patrol
  7. by   nursegoodguy
    Depending on the sites he visits he could pick up a virus... I guess I'd have to consider breaking his little fingers if he were my nephew!
    Does he have the money to pay for your computer should he accidentally give you a virus?
    If he was on the computer he wasn't watching your kid!
    Next time use a different baby sitter!
  8. by   baseline
    Where is Emily with her can of WUP_Ass!! But I just can't believe he didn't think you would NOTICE! Smart enough to find the porn but not to delete it.
    Well, the looking at naked chickies is normal. But the manipulation of your computer accounts is downright sneaky and WRONG.

    I know it's family and it's difficult to broach, I just went through a related crappy babysitter, but you have to let them know that you know what they did, and that they won't be trusted with that responsibility again.

  10. by   hapeewendy
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    [B]Depending on the sites he visits he could pick up a virus

    haha yer not kiddin....
  11. by   deespoohbear
    Just got off the phone with his mother. Not a happy camper. I am sure there is some serious discussions going on at that house right now. My SIL was very gracious to me about the whole thing and thanked me for telling her. (I didn't think there would be a problem because I know his parents wouldn't tolerate this at their house!). My guess there is a 17 y/o male who is getting an earful about right now. Bet his 13 y/o sister hit the road quick.....

    Geesh, I didn't even think about picking up a virus....oh that would be a bad thing....for me and for my nephew....

    Yeah, next time I will get a different babysitter....I usually don't get a sitter anymore, but we were going to be gone for the better part of the afternoon and 40 miles away shopping....just not real comfortable letting my boys stay home for 6 hours by themselves yet....(the oldest is 14).

    Nursegoodguy-If my computer is infected with a virus, how long will it take to crash my computer? Does the whole system just crash or does it happen in little bits and pieces? I will have nightmares just thinking about it....
  12. by   baseline
    hopefully you have an anti virus program in place and you should get a firewall.
  13. by   hapeewendy
    friend you did the right thing by talking to his parents about it..
    I'm sure as you say he is getting an earful rightabout now ...
    do you have nortonantivirus software or something similar?
    Originally posted by deespoohbear
    Nursegoodguy-If my computer is infected with a virus, how long will it take to crash my computer? Does the whole system just crash or does it happen in little bits and pieces? I will have nightmares just thinking about it....
    Depends on the virus.

    Just like the viruses we get, some of them will never even affect your computer. They'll just attach themselves to your address book and send themselves out to everyone in it.