Neighborhood mom savvy....

  1. OK, my oldest son is almost three years old and has made friends with some of our neighborhood kids. I've always wanted my house to be the one where all the kids liked to come...but I'm not sure if I want that just yet!!

    Our next-door neighbors (ages 3,4,5) come over every day. I suspect they don't really care about my son, but the variety of toys he has. I don't mind having them over but where do I draw the line?

    Is this normal ? I feel like I turn them away a lot but I need some peace, too!

    What have been your experiences and how did you handle them? Appreciate your input!

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  3. by   cindyln
    My house was always the neighborhood house. I think I raised those kids more than their own parents did. But I wouldn't be starting it at 3. Heck my kid wasn't out of my sight when he was outside at that age.