Need wedding ideas and advice.

  1. Hello all,
    I just started thinking about wedding plans this weekend.....Only 6 months left to go!!! (The date is May 18, '02) Can't put off planning any longer. Not that I haven't done dress is ordered, rehearsal site, wedding site, and reception site all booked. I'm getting the guest lists from both sides and am ordering invitations this month. DJ and Caterer both booked.

    I would love to hear ideas and words of wisdom from all of you. I was never the type of girl that made wedding plans from the age of 5, so all this is new to me......and my matron of honor (she's never been in a wedding before, other than her own). Inspirational messages and wedding stories would be wonderful too. I guess I'm just starting to realize that I've already been engaged for 6 months and only have 6 more months to go until the big day!! YIKES!!

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    Thank you kday. I was thinking about doing long stems myself. It looks more elegant I think.

    We have decided to do a buffet style dinner. I also want to have appetizers avail for the guests because we will be doing the other 1/2 of the pictures after the ceremony. Don't want the food to be picked through before we get there. I was in a friends' wedding and that happened. Just didn't seem right. Also, people were 'watching' us as we ate....gave me the creeps.

    We will also have a DJ. One of the guys Darren works with does it on the side...guess he's pretty good. I had considered a string quartet myself....from the senior class at the local high school I went to. I played the viola in school...thought it would be a nice touch to have a quartet playing as people entered the church.

    I've already ordered my dress....back in June. It hasn't come in yet. Checked on it and they said there was a delay because it was coming from NYC.
    Here is a link to a picture of it. Don't know what kind of veil I want, but do want to get some gloves. The bridesmaids will be wearing sleevless floor length gowns w/a wrap. The colors will be periwinkle blue and pale yellow.

    Don't know exactly what the ceremony will be like yet. Still have to meet w/the pastor. My mom is somewhat against having a lot of alcohol at the reception. Darren's parents don't really care for alcohol either. So, we are now trying to find a champagne fountain. If we find one of those, we will only have champagne at the reception. Any ideas on where to find one??


    It would be much easier to elope. We actually have discussed it. Our parents would KILL US BOTH!!!
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  5. by   tiger
    c'mon kc--if you elope to vegas you can go through the drive in wedding chapel at "little white chapel". let me know when ya'll are coming and i'll drive over and throw rice at your car. lol. actually, me and hubby married there. not through the drive through though. alot of celebreties marry there. wish you all the luck with your wedding and marriage. janet
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  7. by   Jenny P
    My hubby and I were in our mid to late 20's when we got married and both of us had lived on our own for a number of years before we got married, so we had all of the "stuff" that we thought we'd ever need to live on (sheets, towels, dishes, pots & pans, etc.). So when people asked us about gifts, we just told them that their presence alone would be enough of a gift for us. It meant so much to us to have our families and friends there to bless our marriage with their presence that I don't understand the idea of eloping.
    The neat thing about our wedding is that our relatives and friends gave us "gifts" that helped us get married cheap!
    The aunt and uncle that raised me bought my wedding dress for me ($125-- on sale! It was the only one I tried on that didn't make me look like a nurse!). Another aunt made my wedding cake- she decorated cakes on the side to earn extra income. She also made the topper decoration with the little bride and groom figures in it! Another aunt and uncle had a lunch reception at their house between the wedding and the sit down dinner (food and booze lovingly supplied by other relatives as gifts also). My uncle that raised me had had an old time dance orchestra back home, and we got married down here in the Cities (my husband's mother had MS and was in a nursing home- it was the only way she could have attended her only child's wedding). We couldn't get married without a wedding dance according to my family; so an old friend of my uncles' agreed to play for our wedding IF my uncle would bring his trumpet and play with them (total cost of 3 piece live orchestra + uncle= $75). Pictures were taken by a friend of my husband and a friend of a cousin (we only paid for the developing of the film); reception was at the Legion Hall where my husband bartended part time and the waitresses at the Legion served the sit down dinner gratis. And right now I can't remember who bought the flowers for us or any of the other neat things that people did for us (but these are all pictured in our album).
    My husband was a student at the time, so we appreciated everything that people did to make our day special. Our honeymoon was an overnight at the Sheratin Ritz here, and a promise to go on a real one someday. We are still waiting on that! Our wedding album is full of pictures of all of the wonderful memories that everyone shared with us to make our day special.

    BTW, I've been to 3 weddings this summer, and 2 of them had the wedding party tied up for hours getting all of the perfect pictures so that the receptions were either delayed or went on without the wedding couples present. It seemed quite odd, to say the least, that we all ate without the bride and groom there or we sat around for 2 hours waiting for more pictures to be taken. (the 3rd wedding was a 2nd and 3rd wedding for the groom and bride, and pictures were taken before the wedding, so there were no delays to celebrating the event). It was much more fun to celebrate with the happy couples than to sit around waiting on pictures.
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    Like OMG're a viola geek too!!! WOW, I'm not the only one. I played from 7th grade to my sophmore year in HS. I gave it up for the flag corps.....marched w/the band for the 1st half of the semester, then had a 'study hall' hour the second half of the semester. I would like to pick it up again someday too.
    **I'm getting married in May.

    Jenny P, Darren and I are also in our mid-late twenties. He is 27 and I'm 28. (got a young one. ) We, however, do not have everything we need to start off with. We just purchased a house from my mom and are figuring out what we need to register for....perfect timing, huh?

    tiger.....just throw rice at your computer on May 18, OK?
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    Best Wishes!

    Try putting disposable 35mm cameras on the tables for the guests to take pictures for you!
  10. by   misti_z
    Well I got married on May 20, 2001. It was small, just family and close friends. We hired a coordinator who did a lot (hired photographer, rehearsal)--it was wonderful! We did that because I was in school with no spare time to plan. All I had to do was approve. I had family friends who could do the flowers, food, and decorating for the reception. And allow friends to help with serving food, decorating, etc for wedding gifts.

    One suggestion is to buy your bride's maids' dresses as soon as possible. With yours being in May (very close to mine, BTW ), if you wait very long you'll get into high school prom season, thus higher prices. That goes for getting/reserving the tuxedos as well.

    Once I find the number to the company who did my invitations and personalized napkins, I will post it. Their prices were amazing. We got 150 invitations (personalized with envelopes), 150 "love" sticker to seal the envelopes, and 200 personalized napkins (large dinner napkins not drink napkins) all for $87!!!! I highly recommend them, everything was perfect and beautiful, and arrived in less than 3 weeks. So I will get you the number so you can check them out/order a catalog.

    How about a photographer? The pictures are expensive and stressful! Every member of the family will want their pic taken with the bride and groom! Just get photographer that will allow you to look at proofs before buying. And again about getting married in is beautiful outside, but warm. So if you do outside pics (we did and they were my favorite ones), do those last. You don't want to be outside...getting sweaty...then come back in to do more with possibly wind blown/runny makeup Our photographer said that the proper e

    I know some of this is obvious stuff, but you will be stressed that day and stuff will easily slip your mind! Believe me!

    Make an emergency kit: EXTRA PAIR OF PANTY HOSE--which I failed to go and of course ripped mine putting them on, clear nail polish--for little runs in the hose, needle and thread, scissors, breath mints, etc.

    If possible get your hairdresser to come to the church and do your hair/makeup there, you will have "fresher" look and not as many chances to mess it up!

    If you don't have an idea for centerpieces on you table at the 'bowls' with floating candles works great.

    That's all I can think of. It's very exciting and stressful. Good luck and congratulations. And I will get you the number for that catalog.
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    misti, your picture didn't post....please try again. Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  12. by   misti_z
    You're welcome.
    I'll work on the pic. I can see it, so weird that you can't, but I'll try to fix it. Sorry!
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  14. by   KC CHICK
    misti, thank you for sharing your pictures....they're gorgeous!!! BTW, Congratulations!!! This took place this past is newlywed life???? Give all the details! (whatever is appropriate for this site anyway. tee hee)