Need vacation suggestions

  1. Here's the deal. There will be 5 of us going this year and I have $4,000 to spend. I have kids of all ages, we like the water and we live in mid-to-east Texas. Where would you suggest we go to get our biggest bang for the buck?
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  3. by   sprtbikegrlsv65
    our family took a cruise...i think it cost us 3500.00 for 6 of us on Carnival. it was a blast, i was 21, my brother was 15,and the two youngest were 13 and 11. but they had stuff to do all day and night long for all of us.

    or try an all inclusive resort...your drinks, food, and activities are all included! those are nice too...we did that when i was in high school for cancun!
  4. by   manna
    If you don't want to fly or travel too far....

    What's that big waterpark in TX? Schlitterbaum? Or something like that... have you ever been there? Not sure if you're within driving distance, but there's a lot of nice places on the AL gulf coast and FL panhandle (and I'm sure TX has beautiful coastlines too, just never been there so I can't speak with any authority on that).

    Good luck deciding.. I'm jealous! I want a vacation desperately.
  5. by   canoehead
    Nova Scotia is beautiful in the summertime and cheap. The exchange rate gives you an advantage and city hotels go for about $100/night in the country $30/night.

    I lived in NS most of my life so can give you the low down, but they will send you a free book.
  6. by   sprtbikegrlsv65
    okay i found the all-inclusive website... ready .... or 1-800-Beaches
  7. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    How about Europe? I LOVE Spain! Whilst you're here, come to England, come to see me and enjoy a nice cuppa tea. LOL
  8. by   Shotzie
    Thanks, Thanks!!
    Keep the suggestions coming...Right now my two sons are arm wrestling about whether we go on a cruise or to Padre Island to the waterpark..
  9. by   Shotzie
    OOPS! almost forgot.
    To the two of you far away..Nova Scotia and England...Can we come stay with you when we visit???... :chuckle

    ...Ok just kidding!
  10. by   sprtbikegrlsv65

    if you do the cruise, try to find a travel agent for cruise lines, they will get you an awesome deal!

  11. by   loriLPN
    check out, they sell cruise packages for dirt cheap if you book at certain times...
    marco island on the southern tip of FL was beautiful and inexpensive and it was nice and quiet and relaxed there- not the big spring break crowd.
  12. by   Chaya
    Rent a houseboat- some sleep up to 10 or 12 and when we went a couple of years ago the larger ones rented for about $1000-$1500/ week. You can do a lake cruise where you just anchor and swim or fish or you can do a river/ canal cruise from town to town. Many, many good websites; lots of sites throughout the southeast U.S., California, Nevada, Canada.
  13. by   susi_q
    we took the whole family (grandparents - sibs - kids (age 8-21)) on a carribean cruise for thanksgiving. everyone had a great time - enough to keep busy, enough space to get away - something for everyone. port tours can get expensive - but at most you can rent a car or van and make a day of it yourself. we've done 5 cruises in all, and i have several great sites to check out. offers some of the best deals. pm me if you would like more sites either for getting deals, or researching cruiselines/itineraries.

    another option, which i have looked into but haven't used yet ... they offer special deals to ems, fire, nurses. (i think they are unused timeshare slots) - anyway - they run $299ish for a week if you check last minute, less than $500 whenever they are available. seems like i've seen several listed that would be pretty close you you in the south.

    good luck - have fun.
  14. by   kc ccurn
    We've done the Disney Cruise, I have 3 boys-11, 7, 2 1/2. They all had a great time. They have a kids club for the kids to spend time in so you can have some grown up time. you can look up the disney web site or call travel agent,,,,,it was great!!!