Need help with info for a diabetic

  1. This Student nurse needs some of you experienced nurses to help me help a diabetic.

    The daughter of a friend of mine is a brittle diabetic. She is only 29 yo. She already has some peripheral neuropathy and gastro paresis. Her "normal" fasting BS's are 200 and most of the time even higher. They are having real trouble with her insulin dosages anyway, but the gastro paresis is complicating things even more. Her Dr. has suggested a pancreatic transplant. She is afraid of the surgery.

    Can you help me find some links that will tell her truthfully about the risks and the prognosis of those having had this surgery?

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  3. by   memphispanda
    Try going to and typing in pancreatic transplant risks. That will bring up a whole pile of sites that you can sift through to find one that has information appropriate to your friends situation.