need help to send email christmas greetings

  1. Ok, I'm slow.
    I was going to send snail mail cards out to the various members who signed up for that, then my computer crashed and was out for a couple weeks. I lost much of the information that I had, including the addresses that Vegas had done. So then I was going to return cards to those that had sent them to me, BUT again I'm slow. Has to do with one child's birthday on the 8th, another one on the 16th, working overtime, various family christmas get together's etc... so here it is the 22nd, and I wanted to at least send email greetings to my friends. I have gotten email cards into my regular email, but can't figure out how they did that. I can't send the cards I picked out without a regular email address. I was going to pm, or email people through their profiles here. BUT I think I am technologically incompetant because I can't figure out how to get the card there without entering an email address.
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  3. by   nursegoodguy
    It's all worked out!
    I pm'd you!