Need help -- Bat Mizvah gifts?

  1. Totally off topic question & I really need some help. Entire family (5) are invited to good friends twin daughters' bat mitzvahs. Don't know what to give.

    When my daughter has gone to some of her friend's bat mitzvahs, she's given a sterling silver charm bracelet with a heart charm engraved with the girl's name & date -- we thought it was so original -- one time her friend got FIVE charm bracelets.

    I'd love to give each girl a generous gift -- just don't know what's appropriate ... looking for ideas. Thanks so much.


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  3. by   natsfanrn
    Savings bonds...not very original, but totally traditional.
  4. by   P_RN
    Music boxes are my favorite gifts. I found a site for bat mitzvah gifts that has several nice things. I'll pm the URL.
  5. by   Gomer
    $$$$$$$ -- as much as you can afford
  6. by   susanmary
    What is an appropriate monetary gift for each girl -- five of us will be attending the celebration.
  7. by   Gomer
    I would suggest at least $25 each or $125 for each girl. Depends on how close you all feel to the girls and the family. If you can afford it I would go to $50 each as it is a big occasion.

    (When I had mine....many, many moons ago....I took in over $12,000 in cash and checks. Parents made me put all but $100 in the bank, but that was when $100 was worth alot more too)