Need Good Shoes!!!

  1. I'm on my feet 99% of the time I'm awake, and can't seem to find any good shoes that can take it. Does anyone know the name brand of any good sturdy comfy shoes with a very good arch and lots of cushion that won't loose thier comfort after a couple of weeks? I only weigh 136, but to see the insoles of my shoes you'd think otherwise! I'd like to find a pair that makes you feel as if you're walking on a cloud! Do any exist like this? Any suggestions anyone? Thank you- Sandy
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  3. by   blitz
    Yehyehyeh! Oh, I know where you're coming from!
    I tried Rockports, Nikes, Burkenstocks, and all sorts of nursing shoes. I was still lame at the end of the day. The only kind I have found that really, really work are rubber clogs called "Anywears". You can find these in all the nursing catalogs or locally at stores that sell nursing shoes. They are sterilizable, have removable sole inserts and a comfy arch support. They also have what I call 'nubbys' on the bottom that give you a lot of spring when you walk. The first day I used them I got home and bounced around the drive way to show my hubby- a far cry from the limping I was used to! There are a lot of imitations, but look for the Anywears label. Like bedroom slippers and, oh, so many colors!
  4. by   highasthesky
    Thanks Blitz! I'll definitely look for some of those. And I'll be sure to watch for the imitations, like you suggested. I refuse to order any off of the internet anymore, I've gotten such duds in the past! I promised myself I'd try them on and see how they feel b4 spending alot of money on another pair again, so hopefully I can find some in the shops around here! Thanks again! Sandy
  5. by   rnoflabor2000
    Try Merrell hiking shoes..sneakers...pricey but great.
    see ..they have a professional's called. Very comfy.
  6. by   kewlnurse
    I like the Birkenstock clogs, they have a cussy cork insole that molds to your feet, had mine about a year, since then several people i work with have gotten them and really liked them, they're relativly sheap to, $59
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    I stick with Reebok DMX walking shoes or Nike. Any nursing type shoe that I have ever bought have hurt my feet. Nursemates, Cherokee Rockers, you name it, I've tried it. I'll always stick with Reeboks.
  8. by   rachet65
    Dansko clogs are the BEST shoes-period. Even after a 14 hour shift (oops-a 12 hour shift, but who gets out on time? I digress), these are still comfortable. Good arch support, too. Take it from me, I've had surgery on both feet, and the only thing more comfortable than my clogs are my bare feet!