Need advice on job interview. Good one for those good with psychology!!

  1. My husband will graduate next month with a degree in electronics. He's graduating at the top of his class, and has maintained a 3.97gpa. He's been on two interviews. One of the jobs has already told him they WILL make an offer closer to his graduation date. The other one is the problem (of course this is the one he wants).

    This is a research facility, does research for NASA and governmental weaponry (sp?), among other things. My hubby's lifelong dream is robotics and/or laser. There, he'd get to do both. So, he went on an interview, was given a tour of the facility and interviewed with three different people in the same day (at different times). As the interview ended, my husband asked if he needed anything else from him. The interviewer gave him his business card and replied, "Just keep bugging me and let me know you're interested". My husband, who said he'd grinned through the whole tour of the facility, snickered and said, "so you show me the candy store, but you're not sure I want the candy??". The guy just laughed.

    That was two weeks ago. My husband sent him an email and a snail "thank you" note. He called him earlier this week and the man said the same thing at the end of the conversation.."I just need you to show me you're interested". My husband's reply, "I thought that was what I am doing". The man laughed again. Today, my husband called again, told the man he just wanted to reiterate his interest in the position. Again, "I just need you to show me you're interested". My husband asked, "Do you have any suggestions as to how I can show you I'm interested?". The man, "I'll leave that up to you, just be creative".

    My hubby is frustrated as hell. Myself, I'd just tell him to kiss my ass, but hubby really wants this job. However, the "game playing" is starting to take it's toll and he's questioning whether he wants to work for THIS man or not. Hubby is not an ass-kisser, so there's no need for him to kiss ass to get a job, because he won't keep it up once he's hired. Hubby does not have an outgoing personality, he is quiet, speaks to only when spoken to, type of guy. He is very professional, has an impeccable work and school history as well as several certifications in electronics. This man keeps telling him he is very qualified for this job.

    So, I see it two ways. Either this guy wants some type bribe, which he's not going to get from my husband, or he's trying to motivate hubby in some way. I think his behavior is very unethical, because it leaves the door wide open for bribes. Anyhow, what do you guys think and suggest?? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   debbyed
    This guy seems kinda weird. Personally I'd suggest one more contact in writting stating why I'd like to work for the company and asking them to let me know within a specific time frame if the job was available so that I would be free after that time to respond to other offers.
  4. by   Stargazer
    nurs4kids, with your permission I'd like to cut and paste this message on another BB I frequent and see what kind of answers I get. Most of the people on this board are extremely smart and a number of them actually work for NASA, in techie industries and for research labs and think tanks. Your post just reminds me of some of the job-related posts I've seen from some of them and I think they would have an understanding of where the would-be boss is coming from that many of us would not. If you'd rather I didn't, that's fine too.

    Personally, my BS alarm is going off. This guy sounds like a manipulative a**hole who would refuse to give your husband a clear idea of what his expectations were until he failed to meet them, then would s**t all over him, and happily scapegoat anyone he could find if things went badly. But maybe that's just me. I can see where it would still be a tempting opportunity for your husband, though, if the lab itself is the kind of place he's dreamed of working.

    If it were me and I really really wanted the job, I might do something like send the interviewer the same email message daily ("Letting you know I'm still interested!") -- persistent without being too cutesy. It should work unless this guy really is looking for either something illegal like a bribe or wants some over-the-top, ridiculous gesture, like a singing telegram or something.
  5. by   nurs4kids
    Thank both of you for your replies.

    Be my guest to cut and paste, any advice is very appreciated. My opinion is much like yours. My father suggested he tell the guy he must be one sadistic SOB and he could take that position and shove it up his arse. I kinda liked that

    Thank you very much!!
  6. by   Aerolizing
    This guy is very clearly asking for a financial incentive to hire your hubby.
    Maybe your hubby can let the head of the HR dept and his secretary know he is interested in the job, bypassing mr slimy. Are NASA contractors considered a gov't or private employer cuz I did not think gov't employees could ask for or receive bribes. If your hubby does not get the job, then there would be no reason for him not to report to the owner of the company that he solicited a bribe from him. I am sure the owner would like to know what is going on.

    Good luck
  7. by   nurs4kids
    Thanks Aerol. This is another non-profit company, I assume they contract for the govt because of what they do(?). I suggested to him that he send a letter basically restating their conversations and stating that he would not stoop to the level of bribing anyone for any job. Then CC it to the HR director. He's still debating his options, but you're right, if he doesn't get/take the job, I'll be dang sure the HR dept knows. He interviewed with someone in HR, so they and the secretary are aware of his interest.

  8. by   amy
    Ok, call me crazy, but I would also call one more time. "I would again like to reiterate..." If he gets the same response, I would say "Ok, how about if I show up on x-date at x-time for work? If a bribe is what you are looking for, you are going to find yourself empty-handed."
    I have been told I am a bit of pill...
    At least then he may finally get don to the skinny of what this guy is getting at...
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  9. by   Stargazer

    Just posted your message on the other BB. I'll let you know Monday what kind of responses I got over the weekend.
  10. by   aimeee
    Oh yeah, BS meter is going off big time. If this is the kind of crap he pulls during the hiring process I would hate to think of the gamesmanship being played on a regular basis there.
  11. by   nurs4kids
    Thank you very much!!

    That's exactly what I told my hubby, but a small part of me wonders if he's trying to judge some aspect of personality that's needed for job. I'm leaning toward the fact that he's trying to satisfy some missing aspect of his own personality, though.

    Thanks to everyone for the input!!

  12. by   debbyed
    Keep us updated, I'd love to hear what happens in the end.
  13. by   aimeee
    Originally posted by nurs4kids
    ...a small part of me wonders if he's trying to judge some aspect of personality that's needed for job...
    I'm sure that's how he justifies it, but I think the real reason is this guy gets his jollies by playing these "guess what I want games" and watching people perform for him. Me, I prefer straight talkers and straight shooters. Would hubby actually be working for this jerk or is he just the gatekeeper?
  14. by   NICU_Nurse
    Though I do think this sounds a tad bit manipulative, I say if hubby wants the job, why not go out of your way a little and drive it home? If the guy is looking for motivation, show him some. The worst that will come of it is that he doesn't get the job in the end, which is a possibility even if your husband doesn't go out of his way. Is creativity allowable in this situation? I can think of two things I'd do right off the bat. I would make a huge banner-type sign that is foldable that says 'I'm interested.' in humongous lettering and mail it to his office with an urgent notice. Another thing I thought of is if your husband goes to a printer (or uses the computer) to make a clever business card with his name and the title of the position he wants and the company logo on it, and attach a note that says something like, 'I think it fits- how about you?'. Or write up some fake employee notices from the company 'commending' your hubby on the fantastic job he's doing in that position (or get a fake newspaper made up with the headline congratulating him as employee of the year and pointing out all of the fantastic things he's 'done' for the company) and deliver or send one to the interviewer every day for a week, each one more outlandish than the other. Something like that. Maybe this guy is just trying to see how motivated your husband is- that reflects quite a bit on his future job performance, and it wouldn't hurt to have fun with it. Just some thoughts. ;>) Good luck to him!!! let us know what happens.