Need advice about my sick doggy!

  1. OK, I need a curbside consult from all you doggy owners out there. On Monday I noticed that Tommy (doggy) was acting a little "off." He was crouching kinda funny out in the yard, and laying in the grass alot (which he never does). Tuesday he started to piddle in the house (which he never does either). I started to watch him more closely outside and I realized barely any urine was coming out when he tried to pee. By Tuesday night he was creeping off to the bathroom, jumping in the tub and laying there. I noticed more puddles and his urine was bloody. I took him to the vet Wednesday morning and they cathed him for some urine to do a ua/c&s, drew some blood and did an exam. The vet started him on Clavamox and he got an injection of ampicillin in the office. The vet also said the glands in his neck were very swollen.

    I got a message on Thursday that his labs were all normal, that the urine culture was still pending and that they were pretty sure from the UA that it was a UTI w/ kidney involvement (she said there were casts present in the UA).

    So, I'm sure I'm being a very worried mama here, but he's not any better after 72 hours of abx. He's still having difficulty passing urine, incontinence and hematuria. He's not eating his dry food like usual, but he's eating his treats and turkey/other food I'm giving him. His fluid intake is only a little less than normal (how do you push fluids w/ a dog?). He's not lethargic but he's not as playful as usual. I've been taking him out to pee about every 2 hrs, all through the night.

    So, does he just need a few more days (he was prescribed a 10 course of abx BID)? Am I being overly concerned? Any advice would be appreciated!
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  3. by   aimeee
    I would sure be hoping for SOME improvement after three days. If it were me, I would give a call to the vet's office and let them know he isn't any better. As for pushing fluids, I know what would work with mine is just a few drops of pure meat juice in the water.
  4. by   gwenith
    Poor baby!!!

    He hasn't been eating anything he shouldn;t have has he?
  5. by   BadBird
    Awwwwwww poor doggie, I would be worried too, maybe he needs to go back to the vet, with humans you want to increase their fluid intake with UTI's and if he isn't drinking enough he may need some IV fluid. Hope he gets better soon, keep us posted.
  6. by   jadednurse
    Thanks guys. I called the vet this morning. They van't get me in until Monday morning. The vet will re-check him and they may do an x-ray to check for kidney stones (ouch!). I will try the meat juice trick aimee! Gwenith, he did find a very dead rabbit on Sunday and I had to chase him in the yard for awhile before I could get the rabbit pieces out from his mouth. The vet didn't think it would cause any GU problems, though now I am inspecting his stools for any unwanted critters!

    I've worna path to the back door taking the poor little guy out every 2 hrs! We've been stuck sleeping on the couch too, it's closer to the back door. I'm thining about setting up a tent in the back yard and camping out with him! Poor little guy!
  7. by   RNPD
    Did you tell the vet about the dead rabbit, jadednurse? Sounds like it could be a culprit. I'm not sure how it would affect his kidneys, but i guess if he was mildly septic from bacteria from the carcass, it could. If you didn't mention it, make sure to tell the vet on Monday.

    Good luck to poochie and I hope he's well soon!
  8. by   Ortho_RN
    Sounds like a UTI or kidney stones...
  9. by   funnygirl_rn
    Let us know how Tommy makes out at the vets. Crossing my fingers for both of you. I too am a dog lover..animal lover.
  10. by   jadednurse
    Thanks funnygirl...I will update you guys after the vet visit in the morning. Poor poochie is tuckered out on the couch right now...he spent most of this gorgeous day outside in the yard. He squatted 30 times over the course of an hour (I actually counted) and all that was coming out was little drops of bloody urine. He's finishing day 5 of 10 on abx...the more I watch him the more I'm suspecting a kidney stone or some sort of obstruction...this can't just be a UTI. Well, cross your fingers, say a prayer, chant to buddha...we'll take all the help we can get!
  11. by   aimeee
    Poor little guy! Sure does sound like some sort of obstruction. Hope they get him fixed up tomorrow.
  12. by   jadednurse
    OK, update time. I took Tommy back to the vet yesterday since he wasn't any better. The vet examined him and did an x-ray...sure enough a stone in his bladder...pretty large too...he showed me the film. He told me there were 2 ways to treat it. The first was a special diet that would possibly dissolve the stone, though since there was no crystaluria from the UA on Wednesday, there was no way to tell if it was the kind of stone that could be disolved. The other option of course was surgery. Though I didn't want to put him through surgery, I didn't wan't to see him suffer for 3 months trying some diet that might not work. We scheduled the surgery for today.

    So today I get a call from the vet saying Tommy did fine, but, get this...there was no stone in the bladder! Apparently they did not repeat the x-ray pre-op b/c the one from yesterday was less than 24 hours old. Does this sound right to you guys? When I asked him for an explanation he said they were baffled...he said maybe it passed, maybe it was a stone in another organ or the intestine (huh?). He's spending the night at the vet's and I pick him up tomorrow.

    I'm so upset and pissed! Not only did the little guy have to go through all this for nothing, but he still was symptomatic when I took him in this morning, they have no idea what happened, and I have to cough up almost $1000 tomorrow when I pick him up. Seems to me if they just did a lousy pre-op xray we could have avoided unecessary surgery. I will tell talk to the vet tomorrow...I wan't copies of all his records and -x-rays and I will be folowing up w/ a different vet. I'm also about ready to write a check and then stop payment, though I'm not thinking too clearly right now.

    Help, what should I do!?!
  13. by   jadednurse
    And to top it off, today is my birthday. This ruined my whole day. I was so upset, I cancelled my plans for lunch w/ my mom and grandma.
  14. by   RNPD
    Why should you pay for unnecessary sx? And i would tell the vet exactly that. Tell him you will pay only for the original xray, and you want to take that with you for a 2nd opinion. If he is not cooperastive, I would threaten to call the veterinary board and report him and see what happens. God knows, you would think a vet surgeon would know enough to be able to tell where the stone is located, or that it is very possible to pass it at any time.

    That is a real shame that Tommy had to suffer for nothing-and you're still no closer to the truth. But you may be pleasantly surprised. Just like with human patients, I'm sure they had him on IVF at a high rate prior to the sx-maybe the fluids flushed the stone out of his bladder. But of course had they repeated the xray prior to sx, they might have seen this~!

    Good luck with the pooch-is that him in the picture? he looks like a sweetie! Keep us updated.

    Oh and Happy Birthday!