need advice about getting my dog spayed

  1. OK, Shelby is now 6 months old. The vet asked if I want to have her spayed, and I do, but I always thought the dog had to have one natural heat first. The vet says it is not necessary, but I kind of feel she should have the experience of her natural hormones doing what God intended them to do at least once.

    Of course there is a huge risk to this, she could get knocked up. I have a nice fenced in yard, but I can picture the big dumb lovable black lab in the catty-corner backyard finding a way. He goes ape-$hit over her when she is in the yard. She loves to be outside as much as possible. She digs her holes, we play fetch, she buries and digs up bones and dog toys, and I will let her be out in the yard by herself while I am in, somethimes she would rather stay out there for hours than be inside, so I guess I would have to keep her very confined if I go thru with the au natural way.

    What have you all done, and heard?

    I already asked about keeping her ovaries and just taking her uterus, but there has been a lot of research done, and there is apparently no benefit of the cardioprotective estrogen, since dogs don't get MI's, etc...

    Help, I need to decided so I can schedule to operation between xmas and ny, so she will have a nurse at home. Otherwise I have to wait until her heat, then 2 months after for the uterus to return to the natural size.

    Am I nuts to even consiuder waiting??
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  3. by   NICU_Nurse
    First of all, I totally appreciate your line of thinking here as far as wanting to wait- you've obviously got what's best for Shelby in mind here. My own personal opinion, being a former SPCA-volunteer, is that you should go ahead and have her spayed. I am not aware of any real benefit physically for allowing her to go through a cycle, and please, please, PLEASE think of the puppies!!! Unless you are absolutely sure that you would keep and care for all of them, or have REAL, solid prospects interested in taking them off your hands, I beg of you to think of their fate should she become pregnant and give birth. You just don't know how many beautiful, perfect little puppies come into the SPCA and other shelter associations and are put to sleep because there just aren't homes for them. I cried every time, and I volunteered there for three years!!! That's a lot of crying. :>( Not to mention, and this is really truly a personal thing, but I've always had a thing about splitting up the family unit like that- you allow her to become pregnant because she's not spayed, then you sell or give away the puppies?? (Not you specifically, you know what I mean...) That's not fair!! Just my two cents...
  4. by   fergus51
    I was told that some of the health benefits of spaying were decreased if the dog had a heat cycle before it was spayed (My dog was 3 when I got her and had her spayed). I say go ahead and spay her, she doesn't need a heat cycle or a litter of puppies to be a happy healthy cute as a button pet.
  5. by   prmenrs
    I realize cats are not dogs, but when I had my first cat many years ago, I'd heard that "wait till the 1st heat" crap, too. Sara got her 1st estrus on Friday eve of a 3 day weekend, and proceeded to drive me and my roommate nuts till Tues am. I was on the vet's doorstep at 7:30 in the morning w/o an appointment!!

    The kitten we got in April (3 1/2 wks) was spayed in August! And a friend got 6wk old kittens that had been done before she tool them out of the shelter! So, I guess the thinking now is the sooner the better!

    You could check w/ the Humane Society re:dogs.
  6. by   Jenny P
    My sister is a vet; she let me watch while she spayed my dog (I got Tootsie at the Humane Society- she came with the name- when she was 2 yrs. old according to the Humane Society; Sis says she was at least 3).
    She says there is no reason to wait until after the first heat cycle. If the neighbors dog is that crazy for your dog now, just think of what will happen when she's in heat!
  7. by   night owl
    I tend to agree with everyone else...Unless you plan on letting Shelby take her chances with her admirer and chances are there will be little ones to tend to. Where there is a will, there is a way applies to dogs too! She hasn't been in heat yet, so she won't miss something she's never had right? I really don't think she'd miss it even if she had a "heat." Anyway, go ahead and have it done. You'll both be glad that you did. As for her admirer, well,
    he'll get over it. He may be heart broken, but he'll get over it.
  8. by   aimeee
    As I was growing up we always had female dogs and we always had them spayed just as soon as they were old enough. They all did just fine.
  9. by   samrn32
    considering the 6 1 yr old puppies i have in my back yard that
    nobody wants. GET HER SPAYED. i have had mom spayed and
    i have 1 more female pup to go. thats about $85x5 when i get
    done. not to mention the enormous dog food bills, shots,
    fencing for the enormous pen. the male pups wont let us come
    near them so i will have a hard time trying to get them fixed.
    these dogs may live 10-15 years . GET HER SPAYED.
  10. by   kaycee
    I agree with everyone else. No reason to wait. In fact as was already brought up you decrease her chances of cancer if you spay before the first heat. I always had my dogs spayed or neutered at 6 mos and they always did fine.
  11. by   hoolahan
    OK, I think you are all right. I am going to schedule it.

    The family vote went this way too! My dtr said to let her "drip" is just "gross!" She has a point to that too!

    I will schedule it asap and just call out sick the next day to tend to her. I consider an ill family member an emergency worthy of calling out sick for!

    Thanks everyone. My husband groaned when I said I was going to get opinions here before I decided, but he will be happy to know, you all agreed with him. !!
  12. by   craff1
    Worked in vet hospitals 3+ years, I say spay! Avoid pyometra, uterine cancer, etc., etc.!