Need a nurse saying...

  1. OK, so this is a question that I would normally ask at my cake decorating message board, but they were no help, so I thought I'd try it here.

    I have to do a cake for a nurse that is retiring. I need a catchy phrase or theme for it. No one at my cake site has ever done a retirement cake for a nurse (prolly cause they die before they retire) so most of their ideas were fishing/golfing/RV related.

    Then I thought, who knows more cheesy nurse sayings than nurses? Got any ideas?

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  3. by   semstr
    "Put those feet up"
  4. by   l.rae
    RN=Retiring Now!...(boo)
    The Butt stops here...(boo..hiss)

    Heather, "missy"...doncha know, there are no retirement phrases of nurses cause we never retire due to poor benefits....we just die on our feet! how about arnold schwartzeneger's, "Ill be back!...cause retirement pay sucks."......good luck with your cake.
  5. by   RN always
    RN= Retiring Now! That is perfect. I'm not good at thinking things up like that so I can't really help you. Good luck!
  6. by   RNforLongTime
    How about.......Old nurses never die, they just go PRN.
  7. by   Dazedgiggle
    Old nurses never die........they just lose all their patients!! (Okay, I'm sorry, not very original!!) LOL
  8. by   tiger
    heather, what type of nursing did she do? was one of her duties cleaning poop? you could make the cake like a butt sticking up with poop(chocolate chips or something) and write "never again" on it.
  9. by   warrior woman
    how about: Just relax.....This won't hurt a bit!! Warrior Woman.
  10. by   nightingale
    Wow I wish I could think of something great to say, but can't.. I would have fun doing pictures of stethoscopes, bandades, and bed pans and write, "You will be missed greatly by all, epecially your patients"!
  11. by   ladyjane
    how about "wish it was me"
  12. by   RN always
    too bad they dont make a cake pan in the shape of bed pan. Then you could bake the cake in that. ewww I wouldn't eat any.
  13. by   deespoohbear
    How about:

    Antique nurse

    Been there, done that, made it all better.
  14. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by nurse-lou
    How about.......Old nurses never die, they just go PRN.
    Hee! I like that!