Need 4 speed

  1. Ok, like a dumba$$ i watched Horsepower tv, Road and Track tv and one other car show on TNN sunday morning and now I've got the itch again. As i see it i have a few options and they are thus: Finish my 550 horsepower drag car that need about 120 hours and 2-3 grand and put plate on it an be a total punk and teach the Camero/Mustang/Vette/anything with a tubo boys what real horsepoer is, biggest problems are, 550 hourse and 600 lb/ft of torque are hard to control on the street, but wicked evil when you pull the front tires off the ground when the light changes, 2. 2-3 mile per gallon of 110 octane $6/gal. gas, and 3. don't really feel like doing all the work thats left to do.
    Choice 2. sell previous car for about a quarter of what i have into it, get a 86-92 stang and dump the 460 i have layng around into it. Down side, lots of fabrication putting a big block into a small chasis (no rude comments Jared. or Wild, or anybody else) and emmisions will be a PITA.
    Choice 3: sell ex race car and get another more steetable muscle car when the governemtn didn't bogart you with smog regs.
    Previous car is a 67 so no emmisions bs applies. Down side: ya never knoe what your getting, especially in body, can be all mudded (i can find that) or sheesy Jap sheet metal
    Choice 4, whic i am leanig towards, keep 67 ex race car and let it sit in the garage like it has for the past 5 years collection dust and dry rotting, and buy a Bike, crotch rocket of at leat 750 cc's, had a 600, got bored too easy, downsides, one wipe out iover 100 mph and your an organ donor, and my gut is rathe big and rest somewhat uncomfortable on the tank.
    Choic 5. get medicated till the urge goes away again.
    Whats ever one think?
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  3. by   donmurray
    Well....... Choice 5 would be the ecologically sound way to go.....but then choice 4 may lead to more recycling!!
  4. by   essarge
    LOL!!! I vote for medication!! Maybe a halluncinogen so you can pretend that you are doing all of the above!! LOL!
  5. by   wildtime88
    Ok here is what I would do. I would gather up a big fan, a large screen TV, a case of my favorite beer or a bottle of my favorite liquor, a really hot blooded, hard bodied babe, one of the new video game machines that just hit the market with a good racing game, two powerful vibrators, and one of those steering wheel controllers. You can take out the windshield of the car in the garage and put the TV there on the hood. Then set the fan up next too it on high speed. Attach the vibrators to the bottom of the seats. Next, pour yourself a big tall glass of whatever you like to drink. Have the girl join you inside of the car, clothing optional of course, and proceed to have a real good time. While you are racing she can pretend to shift, if you know what I mean. This might not be the same thing you have in mine but I bet you will get a lot of satisfaction.

    Hey, wait a minute. How much did you say you want for your car?

    Actually, I know what you mean. It is a need for adrenaline. How about a new sport like sky diving, white water rafting, paintball, of hang gliding. There is nothing like a good rush off of adrenaline to make you feel alive.
  6. by   CashewLPN
    If it were me, I'd say finish the car!!! throw some nitro in and fly...
    But... then again... They call the the crazy one in the family.
    So-- in the fairness of both sides.... Get the bike... if you're thinking rice burner, perhaps a valkyrie.... (I'm no fan of bikes that are neon colors.... thats a horrible thing to do to a bike)
    Have fun....

  7. by   kids
    Ok, I really like all of the choices...but I vote for #4.
    I do have to admit I would go with a bigger bike. I have always had a preferance for putting myself on top of power and speed rather than wrapping it around my body. I had a KZ1000 until a few years ago when I needed to sell it to replace the dead family car (ok, and it also freaked out the boyfriend that he couldn't handle it and had to ride "*****" behind his petite girl friend) .

    Damn, now you've started it up again!

    I feel a need...

    where my donor card???
  8. by   cmggriff
    I really like the wild man's idea myself. But have you considered
    another possibility. Go to med school, become a radiologist, borrow every nickel you can get your hands on. Buy the bike, fix up the car and run them both as the whim may hit you, die young and in debt donating your organs (those that may survive) to potential saviors of mankind. Have fun, Gary
  9. by   CATHYW
    I'd go for #3, but if you just wanna, #5 sounds like fun!
  10. by   Jenny P
    I'm with Wildtime on this one. A co-worker just told me he got a wide screen TV (51"!) and is using Playstation 2 on it and the size changes everything! LOL!
    Your #4 and #5 choices are also good; just be sure to fill out that donor card if you go for the bike......
  11. by   nurs4kids
    This thread reeks of testosterone!!!!

    NOT A CROTCH ROCKET, PLEEZE!!!! Valkyrie rocks!!!

    mind if I take out some life ins on ya??
  12. by   kewlnurse
    Well, stopped by the Yamaha/Kawaski dealer today, sat on a ZX1200 and a ZR1, when hard on subsided i all but signed the papers on the ZR1, it's a "naked" sport bike, 1000'cc's, ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTY FU***N HOURSE! ina 458 lb. package. SAAAAAAAAAAAWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!
    Granted i didn't takle it for a test blast as the weather sucks here right now, althoug we havn't had any snow, yet, but damn it felt good. Naked bikes are basically sport bikes with out the fairings, and you sit a lot more vertically, us fat middle aged guys can't crouch down taht well. Went out and got a magazine and now i have to go to the honda dealer cuz they came out with a 919 thats about 700$ cheaper, no hp figures yet, but it's the old 900RR engine from a coupl;e of years ago. if i recall it was only 125 horse. (only ). Thoses won't be in stores till january and since were months to years behind the rest of the country in everything we do it'll probably be late spring before they get in. I havn';t looked at eh Suzki's, Triumph's or Ducati's yet, i know the Duc's are out of the price range, but in the spring i'll go abuse on just for the hell of it. But that the decision that has ben made, i believe it was #4, but i might try to sell the car.

    Sorry Nurse4 cruising bikes are lame, the only one i would consider is the V Max, and there harder to find then a virgin on prom night.
  13. by   donmurray
    Glad to see you didn't go down the Hardly Dangerous route
  14. by   CATHYW
    LOL, Don! I live in GA, in the mountains. There is a motorcycle resort there called T.W.O. (two wheels only). It, and the roads around our tiny town have been featured in several bike mags and the Atlanta Constitution Sunday edition. We live 1/2 mile back in the woods, and on weekends, we can hear all of the bikes as they whiz around our two lane road. They sound like mad hornets chasing something, especially the crotch rockets and the Harleys.