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  1. Lawyer sends dog faeces to private detectives hired by ex-wife

    An Illinois lawyer has appeared in court accused of sending a box of dog faeces to private detectives hired by his ex-wife.

    R Edward Bates is charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly sending the material last November after a bitter divorce and custody battle.

    It's reported he was upset because he believed the investigators were going through his rubbish.

    The box containing the faeces alarmed the private investigators, who contacted police. They called in a bomb squad, which blasted open the container.

    Inside, they found a plastic bag of household rubbish and at least 10 smaller bags of dog faeces, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

    In court, Bates' own legal team said he was only trying to ease a tense situation when he mailed the box to the investigators.

    Story filed: 09:12 Friday 2nd May 2003

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  3. by   nowplayingEDRN
    Well...I dunno what they have their panties all in a wad's not like he stuffed the dookie in a brown paper sack, set it on the front steps of their home and lit it on fire and waited in the shrubs for them to come out and stomp out the fire, right????

  4. by   night owl
    Bwah hahahaha! I'd love to send a few people I know baggies FULL of the stuff!!!

  5. by   BadBird
    Gee, I have a pile in my backyard if anyone wants to scoop it and send it, come buy and get it for free, hmmmmmmmmm, you haul it, you got it. If you need a daily supply feel free to stop by and pick up.
  6. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I have my own daily fresh supply thank you very much!!!! :chuckle