Naughty dog....

  1. Whenever my little angel does something bad, I feel bad saying "BAD dog, so instead I say in my best English accent "Someone has been a naughty girl..." I usually just laugh, what else can I do she's only following her instincts!

    One thing is very troubling though. She loves to dig huge holes in the yard. My hubby is far more disturbed about this than me, except that now she is digging on the edges of the yard. The yard is fenced in on all sides, and if she digs on either side of the yard, she hits driveway under the fence, so she cannot possibly squeeze below the fence. But the last few days I let her out for her air, I noticed she is spending a LOT of time investigating the back of the yard, where my yard and the back-door neighbors yard is separated by a picket fence. If she digs under this, she WILL get out, and I am scared to death!

    Any ideas on how we can prevent that? I thought of putting a small row of barb wire along the bottom of the fence to discourage her, but I am afraid she will really hurt herself. I can't keep her in in the mild weather, she LOVES to be outside, bark at the birds and cats, and dig, but I also don't have time to watch her every move, so I have only been letting her out to do her biz until I find a solution.

    Please Help!!!
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  3. by   kaycee
    Maybe some large stones or bricks buried in that area would help prevent her from going under. I don't know how large an area you are talking about. Or I've seen some sprays in the pet stores that are supposed to discourage digging in the garden. I don't know if they work, but if the area doesn't smell good to her, maybe she won't go there.
    Good luck trying to keep your baby safe.
  4. by   fergus51
    Not barbed wire, chicken wire. You know that fencing that is like a mesh metal? If you dig a little and then put it down and cover it your dog will hit it when she digs. Digging then becomes less fun. Worked like a charm for our old escape artist when I was younger.