NASCAR at Watkins Glen!!!!

  1. ok, call me crazy, but i was up at 3:45 this morning, getting ready to head out to watkins glen for a nascar race. my wonderful husband works for a printing shop, and a salesman gave him a ticket for the weekend......hospitality tent, breakfast with jerry nadeau (driver for petty enterprises), pit tours.....the whole nine yards.
    hubby gave me the ticket (my driver is kyle petty)........insisting i go, and have a blast.
    had to share with, and at 5:00 a.m., if i called anyone around here, i might not make it alive :chuckle
    the only bad thing....i am going alone, since there was only one ticket

    ok......i'll check back in later this evening, and let any interested know if i get to meet kyle.......or any other drivers :d
    oh, did i mention i was excited?????/
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  3. by   Carleigh
    Hope you have a great day! Sounds like fun even though your hubby couldn't go. My husband is a big Nascar fan. We've been to Darlington, Atlanta, Daytona and Richmond together and he went to Charlotte by himself. It's alot more fun to be there in person than to watch it on TV. I used to think, "This is like watching golf, you must have to be there to appreciate it." Nothing like the roar of those big engines.
  4. by   micro

    oh, I am jealous....
    close to the pits.....
    in the tent......the petty tent.......

    drivers start your engines............

    don't watch it much on tv, though the tv is always tuned to a race if it is on.........

    but hey, today I will have to check in and see if I see DebsZoo

    have fun.................oh to be the noise, the drivers and crews and the heat.............

    tell us how it was.........
    I had a blast at the nascar races we have been to..............

    have a blast, well by this time you are there and having a blast's to you, Zoo!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   CEN35
    lucky you!

    i went to the michigan race in june!

    my guys are tony stewart, and jimmy johnson. no - it has nothing to do with it being home depot and lowe'!

    i'm a tough one to please in nascar! it has to be a driver i like, and it cannot be a ford!
    which always leaves a few other possibilities! bill elliott, sterling marlin!

    jfr, also did you all hear, the joe gibbs racing team of labonte and stewart is going from pontiac to chevy next year.
    we go to michigan every year, and are hoping at some point to throw taladega in there also!

  6. by   nascargirl381
    I am sooooo Jealous.
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    I know absolutely nothing about NASCAR except that it has infiltrated Las Vegas tremendously. I think that's a good thing, we need more tourists!! (You guys help to keep us from having a state tax - whee!!)
  8. by   micro
    the las vegas track is cool, lasvegas rn.....way cool.........
  9. by   bandaidexpert
    Good race today.....and YOU were there! Hope you had a good time, OMG what am I saying? Can't wait for Homestead! You all know what NASCAR stands for don't ya?
    Nobody's As Super Cool As Rusty!!!!!!!!! Let us know how it went!
  10. by   DebsZoo
    hot, hot, hot...........yes, it was slightly warm there today. had to wear long pants, no tank tops, and covered toed shoes, for the garage and pit passes. my stupid camera broke, right when we went into the garage area, just as i was trying to get a picture of ray everham
    boris said was on his cell phone, jack rousch was there, still using a cane but getting around great. sterling marlin signed a couple autographs, but i didn't get to him before he went into his hauler. jerry nadeau was in the hospitality tent, for a bit in the morning and john andretti was too. no kyle or richard though <sigh>
    i did get jerry's autograph on a hat they gave us. was so cool to see ernie irvan as the grand marshall.........he was always one of my favorites. i was about 100 ft. from the start/finish line. directly across from kyle petty's pit
    and, one of the , literally coolest things........air conditioned bathrooms for hopitality guests!!!! lol, gotta say, after the pits and garage tours, i spent an inordinate amount of time changing into my shorts and tank.............heehee.
    thank goodness for aquafina.........they are major sponsors and suppliers for nascar, and , man, did we drink the water today.
    was a good race, and, actually was happy for tony stewart's win. kinda thought he got somewhat of a raw deal after the incident last week (was majorly misreported).
    and, if anyone hasn't been to a race and gets a chance to go......make sure to borrow/rent/get a scanner........the drivers can be so funny to listen to.
    kyle had a slow pitstop..........and he was not happy............told one of them that they might get and arca job, lol.
    i will admit, if the ticket hadn't been given to us, i would much rather watch a road course race on tv.
    i ended up going back to the hospitality tent, with 34 laps to go, just to get out of the sun. watched the end on the tv.
    all in all, was a good day........even alone
    next race....bristol under the lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. by   Rustyhammer
    Nascar...thats like car racing right?
  12. by   DebsZoo
    Originally posted by Rustyhammer
    Nascar...thats like car racing right?



  13. by   CEN35
    glad ya had a good day! :d i watched/taped it for a friend. i fell asleep during the red flag.........and when i woke up, some beach volleyball thing was on? glad i taped it for a friend...i wanna watch the last lap!

  14. by   micro
    hey, debszoo.........

    you go girl..........

    all that noise, heat and machismo'..........

    yeah, i know what you mean about a road race..........

    didn't spot you in the crowd when I watched on tv.........
    you were probably in the pits.........hehehehehehehehe

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