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  1. I just watched noon news. Saw the infant being returned to her family. I was sobbing. They seem like such nice people. The mother would not even condemn the kidnapper. She blessed her and asked Gods help for the woman most would have cursed. Some would be hard on the mother for turning her back. I doubt if they could be any harder on the mother than she was being on herself. She really is bruised and battered from trying to hang on the kidnappers car. This story of a woman who kidnapped a baby in order to use it to lure back a boyfriend sounds familiar. I think I have heard it several times before.
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  3. by   Beach_RN
    I'm so happy that baby was found! Thank God! I can't even imagine what that poor family was going through!

    I went on and saw the kidnappers' mug shot! I just want to open a can Whoop Ass and beat her senseless!
    Ok... I got it out of my system!

  4. by   delirium
    This was nice, for a change.

    Too bad it was followed on the evening news by the 14 year old who had been found murdered.
    So many kids have been taken lately, help me to keep up... Is this the Walmart one?

    I'm considering investing in some kind of tether that will keep my son permanently attached to me

  6. by   delirium
    Yep, Heather, this was the Walmart one.

    I seriously feel for you folks with kids. I wouldn't ever want them out of my sight, its far too scary out there.
  7. by   BadBird
    I love a happy ending, thank God the baby is ok.
  8. by   CountrifiedRN
    I always hate to hear these kind of stories, but I'm glad that there seem to have been quite a few happy endings recently.

    I've been hearing a lot about the "Amber Alert" system, and it was said in one article that it has helped save 22 abducted children since it has been instituted.

    Thank God that the baby was found safe, and returned to her mom and family.
  9. by   l.rae
    years ago, before all the secuirty measures were instituted in L&D...a local wacko took a baby from the mom's room, said she was a NA, she was wearing scrubs....went home w/ the baby boy, locked her self in the Bathroom, smeared chicken livers and blood all around and hollered a few times.....called 911..went to a different hosp per medic...and whala...shows up w/ a fresh newborn circumsized male...hmmmm.......happy ending for the parents.....the perp was trying to lure back a boyfriend too....morons.........LR
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Originally posted by BadBird
    I love a happy ending, thank God the baby is ok.