My Poor Kitty

  1. I have lived here 9 1/2 years. My kitty Sammy is 8. He has the same type of fur as a bunny, and has been a very good companion his entire life. He adopted me as an outside kitten. He's a very friendly kitty, and has visited multiple neighbors over the years. He's very friendly, and will go up to people, then lay on his back for them to rub his tummy and pet him. He wouldn't harm anything. (except chipmunks)They're his favorite delicacy.

    My problem began last winter, when a woman brought him to my door and handed him to me. As I said "Thank you," she just turned her back to me, and said nothing. The next day, I received a letter from the management to keep him inside, because the animal control service has been called, and they have set 3 traps then. It was much easier keeping him inside then because it was winter.

    However, as the months went along, and summer arrived, my kitty wanted to go outside, so I would let him out after it got dark, and he was at the door for me to let him in at daylight. This went on for a while, until we got a sand flea infestation due to the weather. My daughter bombed my apartment and treated Sammy and my ferret Slinky twice to keep them away. Unfortunately, other residents got fleas in their apartments too, and I got the blame for it.

    I received a nasty letter from the manager telling me he called animal control, and if they see him outside, they will take him away. Since I don't want to see anything bad happen to him, I have been keeping him inside. My daughter puts him inside a large pet carrier at night, and closes my door so I won't hear him cry. When morning comes, I let him out, and close him in my bedroom with me. I have to do it this way in order to get some sleep.

    I tried letting him loose inside the apartment, but he jumps on me, and he weighs 14 pounds. I do so wish I could let him outside, but I just can't. I feel soo bad. He even goes in a far corner under my bed to hide. He has never done that before, so I know he's depressed. So yes, I too have gotten depressed. If anyone has any suggestions, will you let me know?

    Thank you.

    A very sad Fran
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  3. by   DusktilDawn
    Hi Fran,
    I know this may sound weird Fran, but I have a leash for my cat. I live in an area where traffic is heavy, so when I take Gulliver outside I use a harness type collar (one that goes around the body, less tangling) and will let her do her own exploring. Advantage (unsure of the spelling) is a product that you can use for flea control, it is applied behind the neck of the cat (once a month I think), a Vet or pet product place can give you better info.

    They don't sound very tolerant of pets where you live Fran.
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  4. by   nursemike
    My sympathies. You have to wonder how fragile some psyches must be to find a cat walking through the yard an intolerable intrusion. As a nature lover, I'm dismayed by the carnage my cats and others wreak on the birds and other critters in our neighborhood--yet I can plainly see these critters aren't in danger of extinction. With precious few natural predators in a residential neighborhood, I suspect we might soon be overrun with bunnies, birds, moles, and chipmunks, if it weren't for the cats.

    I taught my cat, Peaches, to walk on a leash when he was young. I still had my dog, at the time, so he helped. It takes a good deal of patience, but it can be done. Walking a cat is not very aerobic--they tend to lack stamina, and get distracted easily. Peaches has been known to stop for an occassional nap. But he enjoys his outings, and leash training makes travel with him a lot easier.

    Rest assured, cats are very adaptable. If he has to become an exclusively indoor cat, he'll cope. Frequent play and affection should help ease the depression--for both of you.
  5. by   Katnip
    How about a Kittywalk? They have strollers for cats but they also have good enclosure systems. If you're allowed you can even attach it to a pet door so he can go in and out on his own. Or at worst you can just take him out there himself. They have the kind that goes directly on the ground or a kind that sits on a patio or deck.
  6. by   canoehead
    Oh, oh, oh, I know, I know!!!

    Check this out Fran- they are expensive but surely someone could look at the picture and fix you up a wagon/stroller for your kitty.

    And there is a kitty cabana...

    In good weather you can set up a bed beside the window, open it up to let all the good outside smells in, and put a birdfeeder outside. My parents have this in a window and their cat is happy as a clam. You can get it at Walmart for about $25.

    Some active toys may make the inside more tolerable, and if you tire your kitty out he will be more likely to have a quieter night. You can get a whole herd of cats going with this one from a seated position. Take a stick about 3 feet long and tie some velvet or felt strips (about 5 feet long) to the end. Then swizzle the fabric around in circles, or cast it like a fishing line. I got one for my new kitten, but my other 4 have really loved it too.
  7. by   Katnip
    How about growing a pan of grass indoors. It just takes a grow light to help it along in the winter.

    Canoehead and I were on the same wavelength. The cabana can attach to the longer walkway so kitty can run and climb in safety.

    They can be a little expensive, but Christmas isn't all that far away.
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I agree with the birdfeeder by a window. My cat loved this (and he didn't react well to converting from outdoor to indoor at first, but he adapted).

    I also bought a fleece-covered window perch that fits on a windowsill using heavy duty velcro for a better view of that birdfeeder. This way he could look outside all he wants. Just make sure your screen is sturdy (in case he decides to lean against the screen).

    And that kittywalk thing looks neat, but i wonder if someone in her neighborhood wouldn't be mean enough to take the cat out of it? So if something like this was used, you mgith have to park a lawnchair next to it and sit with it.
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Growing fresh catnip might be good as well. It does grow well indoors with sunlight.
  10. by   jnette
    Some great ideas there, Fran !

    I'm sure it's hard on ol' Sam, and on you as well ! Like trying to get a baby's sleep schedule on track!

    I agree with getting him playful indoors.. you can do some of these from a seated position yourself, so you won't have to wear yourself out.... just Sam ! (((HUGS)))
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    And also, there's those lightweight cat toys on a "fishing rod" that enable you to play with a cat, even if you have limited mobility.
  12. by   CHATSDALE

    where my dtr use to live the people in the upstairs apt had this huge black and white cat that they put outside with a harness and leash tied to a tree
    just like you might do for a dog...he stayed in one place and didn't get lost or get out on the street like too many cats do...did not save the birds though he would lay real quiet like he was asleep until some birdbrain bird hopped too close
  13. by   Jessy_RN
    Definitely great ideas here for ya Fran:

    I have tried the leash thing with my cat and he prefers to be held and carried instead. (But definitely give it a try)

    I also take my animals for a ride in the car. They usually jump by the back window and lay there watching the world. I drive by certain areas and avoid the highway with them back there.

    Good luck to you.
  14. by   DusktilDawn
    Quote from Future_RN_Jess
    Definitely great ideas here for ya Fran:

    I have tried the leash thing with my cat and he prefers to be held and carried instead. (But definitely give it a try)

    I also take my animals for a ride in the car. They usually jump by the back window and lay there watching the world. I drive by certain areas and avoid the highway with them back there.

    Good luck to you.
    First and last time I didn't use a carrier when driving with my cat, she was trying to drive the car.:chuckle :chuckle :chuckle

    I agree Jess, definately some good ideas, I never even heard of some of the things I've seen linked here by Cyberkat and Canoehead.