My poor husband...

  1. I came home today, and my husband showed me his evaluation. He has always told me his boss is a bytch, but I could not believe my eyes. This man is totally dedicated to this shytty job, and this nasty psychbytch from he!! writes "Dave continues to be unable to grasp the concept of written documentation...." That is just one example. I was sooooo pi$$ed, the two of us have been calling her names worse than any sailor ever would from the time we got home to now. Honey went to sleep, so now I'm cursing her out myself.

    Have you EVER heard someone phrase anything so demoralizing in your life?? We bagged dinner, I got out the laptop, and the two of us tioled for 3 hours over a written response. We let her have it with both barrels, yet with much more professionalism and class than she is capable of. We did say "I think you fail to "grasp the concept" of exactly what my day to day operations involve." Right about now, I need a dart board with her face on it! We also added that since he has made "no special accomplishments," that he has reconsidered being available for consult while taking a vacation, personal, or sick day, and from now on, his beeper will be off on those days., "since he dedication has not been appreciated." He will also be happy to take "training courses" when she lets him know when coverage will be available, otherwise he be beeped all day long. We get calls all hours of the night for HVAC problems, and frankly I am sick of this job of his!! WE are sending out resumes asap!!!

    He has never ever had anything but exemplary evals at his other employers. I know why she can't stand him, b/c she is in the business of doing the bandaid fix, whereas my husband refuses to sacrifice quality, so they but heads all the time. One of the tenants in his bldg asked about why they couldn't control HVAC in a certain conference room. He went up in the ceiling to check the vents, vents! They were in the plans, but apparently, they ran short, so it was decided to just eliminate a few here and there. This law firm spends $800,000 per month to rent this luxurious space. He is then in an awkward position of having to fix the situation w/o admiting his company totally F**ed up, (sound familiar?) Then when the shyt hits the fan, somehow, he always gets it dumped on him. He has to fix the problem, and handle every detail of that. Those are the problesm he hasn't foreseen, many other things he has pointed out in the design, but they ignored him, only to find out it is soo much more difficult to correct and waaaaay more $$ to repair after the fact.

    Man, that woman, she is lucky, I am feeling POSTAL right about now. I haven't been this furious in a looooong time.

    Thanks for letting me vent, b/c my husband just doesn't deserve this!!!! We both decided when he gets another job, no notice, just screw her. He said I am leaving the laptop, keys to all building, and my access acrd right on her desk, and walking right out, no note!
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  3. by   live4today
    ((((((((hugs hoo and Dave)))))))))) :kiss

    To make your evening a little bit happier, I went out and bought you a big dart board so you could post that evil one's pic on it and throw darts at her like you wished you could do. And God said, "Ask and you shall receive." Have at her, hoo and Dave! Go ahead now.....HIT HER WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!!!
  4. by   NurseDennie
    Hoolihan -

    Don't let her get you down. She does sound like a true-blue bytch. I think that writing the reply was therapeutic, but I don't know if actually giving it to her would do any good at all.

    I'm glad that he's going to get another job, because once somebody has that kind of attitude about you, there's no changing it! Why bother?

    The best revenge is living well. He'll get a MUCH better job and she'll still be in that job that for some reason makes her so frustrated and crabby. S**** her


  5. by   night owl
    Sounds like the ****** my husband worked with, a real "C"! I hate that word, but it fit her to the tee! He couldn't stand her and he left that job because of the ****** that she was...(She was the bosses wife) He was making good money too, but he wasn't happy there. You know she wasn't going anywhere so he decided to. Got another job for less pay, but he's happy, and that helps a whoooooooole lot.
  6. by   hoolahan
    Thanks Renee! Now all I need is her ugly mug in the middle of that dart board!!

    Well, they can't fire him for his rebuttal, and he will definitely leave, so what's to lose? We are hoping that when HR sees the response, they will look at all the issues he pointed out, which are basically her setting him up to fail over and over. She hates it b/c the tenants all praise him, and everyone talks to my husband b/c he treats everyone the way he would treat his own family.

    I always thought he eggagerated, but when I saw that eval, wow! I was blown away by how evil a person can be.
  7. by   RNIAM
    When I was in college we had a dartboard that was covered with the seat of the toilet ( for the a$$hole of the day). Lift the cover and see the big terd. Place a picture of the "old" boss there to laugh and enjoy...
    :roll :roll
  8. by   Rustyhammer
    How about posting her name, address and phone number along with a long anti breastfeeding message on
    Just an idea.
    Russell :chuckle :roll

  10. by   JAYNE :DANCE:
    It sounds like your hubby has many wonderful qualitys when it comes to his work ethics. I say ditch the crappy job, and go somewhere where his skills and experience will be valued. Good luck with the job hunting....keep us all informed of what happens......:roll
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i am sorry to hear your husband had to go through this. all the best to you both.
  12. by   bandaidexpert
    hoolahan, sorry to here about Dave. Sounds like he needs to leave. Won't he get an exit interview with HR when he leaves? This would be choice opportunity for him to say it like it is. My husband just left a job he really loved for kind of the same reasons. He worked with a self serving bast*$# who was always trying to make hubby look like the bad guy. My husband is one of those guys who works hard and feels everyone should work as hard as he does. Well, it don't work that way in the real world. But, it was better for him to move on. He layed it all out in the exit interview. A little too late, but this guy will get what's coming to him. Tell dh we are all with him. dawn
  13. by   Zee_RN
    New job! New Job! New Job! Gads, that place sounds awful. I'm glad he's gonna get out there ASAP. He'll never be appreciated there. My blood started boiling just reading your post! I can imagine how I'd feel if I had read an eval like that on my hubby. I swear I get more upset than HE does when someone casts an aspersion on his work.

    Rusty: LOL! I love your idea.
  14. by   oramar
    These people are much to mediocre to be worthy of a high quality employee like your hubby. I am glad he is planning on getting out of there. I see the techniques mediocre managment use keep employees who might outshine them under control are pretty uniform no matter what the business. Doubtlessly he was making her look bad and this is her way of getting even. My husband tried to get into the firm he works for now for about 7 years before they hired him. He kept hitting a brick wall. He found out a person he used to work with who went over to them first was bad mouthing him to the owner. That person was fired after being caught doing some really bad stuff. The boss got to thinking about how much this other person was against my husband and became susipicous. He called my husband and my husband went to work for them right away. They are so happy with him, they love him. He has been there four years and it has been great. He loves it and he has never made so much money in his life. He never even dreampt that he was being back stabbed. He just would never do that and he did not suspect anyone else of being capable of that behavior.