My pharmacy horror story...

  1. well children
    I had the weirdest conversation with my pharmacist on the phone a few minutes back...yes even weirder than the "how are the sales of the female condom goin for ya?"... I have asthma - not bad asthma, just get kinda "chesty" when I have a cold etc
    never really use my inhalers because a.I feel fine most of the time and b.I am a nurse, and therefore a sh*tty non compliant patient by default.
    anyhow.. My "rescue" inhaler, bricanyl has been sitting on our shelf in the washroom for months now , no its not because I get short of breath on the toilet or anything , just because I tend to just throw stuff on that shelf and leave it there for awhile, so my mom leaves me a note this morning "dear wendy, call the pharmacy today and get yourself a new "ventolin puffer" (yah yah I know I shouldnt poke fun at her lack of knowledge!) because I was clearing stuff off the bathroom cabinet and your puffer fell in the toile t, have a good day, dress warm if you go outside , put yer touque on, LOVE MOM ."
    so I call the pharmacy, because before I even dare step foot out into this freakin TUNDRA I want to make sure that I have repeats, so blah blah hello pharmacy, I give them my story and the pharmacist doesnt seem to believe me , (what ? people dont drop meds down the toilet on a daily basis anymore?!?!?!) she says ,and I quote "was the lid on the turbuhaler when it fell in the toilet?"
    UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PARDON ME?!??!?!? I think she's on crack or something so I say "uh I dunno , I didnt drop it in the toilet my mom did why?"
    I hear a heavy sigh and she says 'OH your MOM dropped it in the toilet? well okay you have repeats it will be ready in 15 minutes" "uh okay thanks bye!" so I'm sitting here wondering WHY THE HELL IT MATTERS if the lid was on the inhaler or not, I'm sure as HELL not using that thing again... clean toilet water or not , thats just GANK!
    I think she's been hittin the flinstones vitamins a lil too much these days... so I'm gonna go pick up my inhaler soon , and when I see her I'm gonna give her the look , you know the look , the look that says "I KNOW that you would use a turbuhaler that fell into the toilet with the lid on you GANK NASTAY FREAK!"

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  3. by   Aussienurse2
    :roll :roll

    You tell her girl!!
  4. by   parker in arkie
    LOL...THAT was FUNNY....
    :chuckle :roll :chuckle :roll :chuckle

    Wendy, you are ******* hilarious! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come live by me!

  6. by   cindyln
    Did it pass the 60 second rule??:roll
  7. by   Stargazer
    Wendy, you crack my sh*t up, girl. And this
    I am a nurse, and therefore a sh*tty non compliant patient by default
    is an absolute classic.
    I guess her forthought would be to wipe it off and Pray ??????
    Give the evil eye when you see her, because apparently she lives by the 60 second rule.....
  9. by   J-RN student
  10. by   Mkue
    OH, "The Look" I love it !!:chuckle Wendy:chuckle
  11. by   hapeewendy
    see but now I'm kinda scared to go in , cuz you know , the pharmacy like most places of business has a washroom, so now I'm thinking she's experimented with dropping meds in the toilet and checking for efficacy post toilet drop....
    I think life was much simpler when the only things that went in the toilet were well , your "business" and a dead goldfish here and there..
    she always looked a lil off to me , you know , kinda like my fourth grade teacher, yes the same fourth grade teacher who would openly pick her nose and flick it, never so happy to be sittin in the back row with the rest of the underachievers then I was the day that some of her boogies landed on some kids glasses...
    Years Later I dont know if there was any truth to that story , we sure did tease the heck out of that kid though....
    wow , I'm thinking that you guys are thinking that I surround myself with some VERY strange people...
    its all circumstance I tell you... no wonder feels like home so much...
    minus the toilet antics and fourth grade teachers...
    anyway wish me luck, I'm going to fight my cause at the pharmacy now ...... I'm going to ask her , I mean since shes not opposed to using an inhaler after it fell in the toilet, if I can do a straight exchange, she can take my inhaler and gimme a brand spankin new one (I HOPE!) at no cost...
    if she doesnt I'll blackmail her and tell her that I'm going to post her name on a VERY popular website
  12. by   ShandyLynnRN
    HAHA!!! You ROCK Wendy!!!
  13. by   hapeewendy
    well I did it, I walked in there, all prepared to look her in the face with "the look"
    and she wasnt there!
    pharmacy tech said she was on her coffee break , but guys I dunno man , I heard a LOT OF noise from the back room (where the washroom is) like PLING PLING PLING , sploosh! and kerplunk! yes kerplunk!
    so I got my shiny new turbuhaler and GOT OUTTA THERE!! with the sounds I heard you would think you were reading a batman comic or something , like KAPOW and whatnot , but it was creeeeeeeeeeepy!
    just kiddin , the whole thing was very normal, no weirdness to report sadly, though this IS my life we're talking about , so weird isnt far away

    thanks for your support during this most trying time
    as bette midler would sing "you are the wind beneath my wings"
  14. by   Beach_RN
    You r too darn funny!!!!! LOL!