My Oregon Adventure!

  1. We just bought tickets for a trip to Oregon in Sept.
    My grandmother lives in Baker City, but we are flying into Portland (instead of Boise,ID), b/c everyone has told us that the drive is a must see beautifully breath taking adventure.
    Anyone have any ideas on some "must see" spots along the way or in the northeast Oregon area (not too far from Baker city)?

    Julie, RN
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  3. by   cmggriff
    I live in The Gorge (Columbia River). The Drive down the interstate
    is incredible. Your first stop should be the Historic Highway 30 just out of Portland. This scenic drive takes you by the waterfalls that litter the area like trees. Multnomah Falls is especially impressive, but it is also very crowded at times.
    The Bonneville dam has a cool fish hatchery exhibit and some white sturgeon that are huge. Just east of there on I-94 is Eagle Creek. A 2.1 mile hike takes you to Punch Bowl Falls.
    There are lots of places to hike, bike and recreate along the way. If you have time to drive up Mount Hood, check out Timberline Lodge. Have fun. Gary
  4. by   Cardiolo
    cmggriff, you described the vacation my family took when I was in high-school, which was way too many years ago, so we won't mention the date! It was a drive and vacation that I will never forget. We visited every place that you mention. We also did the inner-tube (sp?) thing down a river (don't remember the name).

    Julie, SN, these are a definite must on the to-do/to-see list when you are in Oregon!!! Have fun!!!!!!
  5. by   Julie, RN
    Thanks guys, sounds great.....
    I just might get my "runner's high" on this road trip!