My neighbor's house was on fire!

  1. Today I was dead out asleep when my neighbor came screaming banging on my door to tell me her house was on fire. Asked if they called the Fire Department and she said "I don't know the number!"... I called 911...
    One of the bedrooms was lost, but all lives were spared. It started by having a pile of clothes infront of the outlet and a part of some clothing was stuck into the outlet which caused it to spark and whamo, a fire. I feel bad for them because they were so upset. Told my daughter's friend that she could stay with me, but she's going to her sister's boyfriends house. And those three dogs that bark all day long??? They're going too. Yessssss!
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  3. by   aimeee
    Wow! Glad to know that nobody was hurt. Going to check all the outlets now....