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    FWIW, adrienurse, I went through a similar performance at my last hospital job about a year ago.

    Like you, I was totally disillusioned; I was also worn out and used up, and I'd had a bellyful of management putting band-aids on the cancer that was killing morale on my med/surg unit. So at this meeting we had, I dumped all over them---about how demoralized some of us older nurses were, how we were being treated by the assistant manager, and how she would sit in her office, giving us admission after admission and NOT helping out, while we were drowning out there on the floor (and then tell us to suck it up when we complained:angryfire ).

    Well, I didn't exactly make any friends with my little diatribe, but it sure felt good to get some of what had been chewing me up on the inside OUT. Of course, by this time I was more than halfway out the door myself, so I didn't really give a hoot whether I upset the apple cart or not. My only regret was not doing it sooner, before I'd wasted two years letting this manager humiliate, degrade, harass, accuse, and otherwise disrespect me.

    OK, now it's a year later, and I'm here to tell you: There IS life after a bad job, and spilling your guts doesn't have to hurt your career. You'll just want to be selective about your next position, and be assertive about what you will and will not tolerate. And sometime down the line, when you're happily ensconced in a job you enjoy, remember: Living well is the best revenge!