My kids are actually playing outside

  1. There's a little more than a dusting of snow out could probably make a snowball with a serious scoop. It's 34 degrees out and our white german shepherd is romping with them. I hear laughter and an occasional scream and thump.

    It's just wonderful. They are thirteen years old now and usually more inclined to sit on the computer and IM for hours on end. So nice to hear them outside having fun.

    But this afternoon...we're going to have to go swimming. It's tradition. The first snow of the winter that actually LAYS on the ground (not just flurries, mind you), we go to the motel down the road that has a swimming pool with slide and all that jazz and spend a few hours swimming. Gotta go drag out the swimsuits, lol.
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  3. by   ptnurse
    That sounds like great fun. Have a good time. (I am soooo glad I live in the south. Here we roll up the sidewalks when it snows)
  4. by   moz
    Its been so warm here today, the kids are outside playing without jackets, and even shorts!
    Traditions are wonderful, thats something your kids will always remember and appreciate, hope you have a great time!