My husband has gone too far this time.

  1. In any marriage there are always issues that come up between husband and wife. Most married couples have issues that they disagree about. A lot of times we put up with certian behaviors from our spouses because we love them. We learn to tolerate things that we don't like for the sake of the marriage. My marriage is no different, however my hubby has finally crossed the line.

    For the last three years, he has done all of the grocery shopping. He has recently gone on this healthy eating kick, and has started buying low fat foods all the time. The fat free potato chips are pretty good. The low fat margarines make your toast a little soggy, but tastes all right. The turkey bacon is not too bad once you get used to it, and the fat free coffee creamer is OK. But yesterday he brought home fat free pizza cheese, and fat free pepperoni. I don't mind the fat free slices of American for my grilled cheese sandwiches, but on PIZZA? This stuff doesn't melt right, and doesn't get gooey like real pizza cheese. And the pepperoni has the texture of cardboard.

    So what do you think guys? Should I just sneak out once in a while for clandestine meetings with the Dominos delivery man? Or should I put my foot down and say no more fake pizza cheese?
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  3. by   maire
    There are some things that just shouldn't be altered, IMHO. Pizza is one of them.
    On pizza night I'd let him have his fake pizza and I'd pick up the phone and call the delivery guy!
    Obviously, if your hubby can't satisfy you in the kitchen, it's time to call in reinforcements (Domino's)

    Pizza is an indulgence, not to be messed with. Either eat it or don't, but don't mess with a winning formula. It's like that low fat chocolate. What's the point?

    People ask me all the time if I make low fat or low sugar desserts. I always say "Why on Earth would I do that?" as if it's an insult!

    :chuckle Heather
    BTW - maybe your hubby could be convinced to indulge in normal pizza if you offered up, say, some increased "aerobic activity" later that evening. I find these types of rewards are usually beneficial to all parties involved

  6. by   oramar
    The only way these fat free diets work is once in a while you get a treat. Go to Pizza Hut right this minute. PS You all should be getting pretty slim.
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    My wife also went through a total low-no fat menu stage. I'm normaly not one to ogle outside my home turf but my mind started to stray and I had urges outside my marriage. I noticed the lady in the car next to me eating a taco bell burrito and after work found myself cruising around the Mc Donalds parking lot.
    I wanted to be true yet I yearned for calories that I couldn't get at home.
    I was honest and spoke to her about my cravings but it was to no avail.
    Then one day I snuck out of work early and bought a Chigago dog with all the fixings. It was soo good I bought another (I'm not always up for twice in a row) and then walked across the street for Haagen-daz.
    Driving home I was riddled with guilt. How could I explain I was too full for "tofu surprize"?
    I confessed all and to my delight my wife agreed to bring other food groups into our marriage. We have enjoyed our alternative lifestyle and I know it's not for everyone.
  8. by   RNinICU
    Rusty,:roll :roll :roll :roll
  9. by   dachweiler
    Cheese is supposed to have fat in it!!

    Don't alot of no/low fat food have an excess of carbs to try to make up for the crappy taste?
    Keeping your fat intake to no more than 30% is better than eating yukky tasting foods with too much carbs. Moderation is the key.

    Put your foot down....he's crossed the line.

    (mmmmmmmm, pizza.....I sure wish Pizza Hut was open at 8am. But thank God for Sonic's new hours. I just worked 5pm to 7am, and I don't want breakfast food!!)
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I hope he tires of this soon...we did that NO FAT EVER thing, too. It blew up in our faces. I just can't stand NO FAT foods, now...except those that are naturally that way, like fresh fruit, veggies and such. I REFUSE to eat those fat free potato chips and cheese. If you ARE gonna indulge, have a little of the "real" thing versus a LOT OF THAT GARBAGE. It just did not work for me. Better still, tell him if he WANTS NO FAT FOODS, he is better off eating those that occur that way NATURALLY, all that other junk is not only tasteless but not HEALTHY AT ALL! (lots of salt, nitrates, etc to compensate for the lack of fat).......he is better off beefing up on naturally good foods than that JUNK! GOOD LUCK!
  11. by   Momma_Penguin
    Dang he cooks???????? OMG I am impressed!! I would have tried the stuff but said you know somethings just are meant to be enjoyed in moderation.. like alcohol...take out pizza w/ gooey cheese... and really good chocolate. I also vote for the offer of after dinner exercise ... good for the heart and will burn off the fat from the pizza.
    I tried to use fat free or lesser cost items and my hubby will say " I think this stuff is ok but I like the XXX brand better" So may be you have to just be honest before you are drawn to grab the Dominos delivery man. Good Luck Laura LPN Thanx for the dinner idea!!
  12. by   nursedawn67
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    BTW - maybe your hubby could be convinced to indulge in normal pizza if you offered up, say, some increased "aerobic activity" later that evening. I find these types of rewards are usually beneficial to all parties involved

    Usually works for my hubby! :wink2:
  13. by   Nurse Ratched
    Fat free cheese is awful. I try to cook healthy, but I consider part of healthy cooking trying to minimize the amount of chemicals and "non-food" food in our diets. The fat free cheeses are, almost without exception, gummy and chewy and loaded with crap I can't pronounce. A little "real" cheese with a substantial amount of seasonings is FAR more satisfying. Ditto on a little butter versus a lot of margarine.

    I do think it's *very* sweet that he's trying to improve both of your health in his own way. Men have their different ways of expressing their love and it's clear he's hoping for many more years with you . (The day they start encouraging you to eat chips and pizza while they stick with oat bran is when you get suspicious lol.)

    Rusty: I ROFL at your post! My hubby also lusted in his heart after formerly forbidden foods. We now have a much more well-rounded marriage .
  14. by   renerian
    I think I hear the Pizza Hut man at my door? Enough said from Ohio.............


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