My grandson is 1 year!

  1. Here is a sample of the photo's we had done last Sunday for my grandson's first birthday. They all turned out great! My friend at work who does MRI's did the photography. It's a hobby for her. I think she's awesome. She's working on a website. She says it'll be up soon. I think she should be a professional. We have over 100 proofs. These are just the BD ones. Enjoy!

    I just got an email from her. Her site is up. Check out the pregnancy and infant photo's. Virtually all of the photo's on the website are people at the hospital that I work with.

    Wildflower Photography by Shannon

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  3. by   Tweety
    Awesome pictures. What a cutie pie.
  4. by   jnette
    Cutie pie is right... typical one year old. Precious.

    Thanx for sharing, Dutch !
  5. by   pickledpepperRN
    He is so wonderful!
  6. by   jnette
    OMG... just went to your friend's site... and they are AWESOME !!!!!!!

    I'm really into photos of children, and these are absolutely breathtaking... love the simplicity... the eye is drawn to the eyes of the child, their expression, the hair...

    Yes, she SHOULD go professional, for she certainly qualifies ! Kudos to her !!!
  7. by   Grace Oz
    GREAT pics! Thanks for sharing. Glad he enjoyed his birthday. Certainly looks as though he did!! lol
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WHERE did that time go? I remember when this lil peanut was born. CUTE pics. Enjoy that little one.
  9. by   nightingale
    Oh he is gorgeous! He is destined to be ah eart breaker

    Thanks for sharing!
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Loved the photos...grandson's natural expressions priceless

    Where did my babies go who loved being photographed??????

    18YO HATES to get pic taken, almost didn't get graduation pictures....... keep that in mind and snap away when you have a chance.

    Shannon has stunningly GREAT EYE for natural pics and expressions....can see INSIDE the person with her camera lens. Thanks for sharing.
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  11. by   prmenrs
    GREAT pictures!! And great kid, of course!
  12. by   bethin
    Awwwww! Those are really good pictures. He is just beyond adorable!
  13. by   muffie
    q t pie

    my, shannon is talented