My FIRST Nursing job! But which one do I take?

  1. I can't decide. Well, actually I think I've decided but am still unsure. That didn't make a bit of sense, did it?

    One is right here, only about a 10 minute drive. Long term care, which is not really what I want to do but am willing. And it pays well. The weird thing is, they hired me right off the street today and then told me they could only give me part-time: One 12 hr shift a week. I asked for at least two 12's and she said ok. Now why, if they are so desperate to hire me before even checking references, background, or ANYTHING would they only offer one 12 hr shift? I wouldn't qualify for any benefits because I'm part-time. Strange. I'm wondering if they are planning to work me full-time as a part-time employee so they can save on benefits? But why offer me only one day a week? Also, they have nurses walking out right and left, and I've heard from people that families have moved their loved ones out of this place because of lack of care, one story came from my best friend about her grandmother. But it's a beautiful place, and you're always going to hear stories about ANYWHERE. Right? Still strange how they hired me before checking me out first. They DID fingerprint me, but.....

    The other is about 45 minutes away on a Monitored Care unit at a hospital that I worked as a pharmacy tech before. This is what I REALLY want to be doing. Two things holding me back. One is pay, this job pays about $2.60 less than the other job and it's a 45 minute drive. But oh the experience for a new nurse to work monitored care. And great benefits at this hospital. 8 weeks orientation...more if I feel I need it. The only sucky part is the nearly 14 hr day after the drive. But I drove it before and it didn't bother me too bad.

    What to do? What to do? Any suggestions? I have to make a decision by tomorrow morning.
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  3. by   Brita01
    Forget about the long term care job. Even though it is only 10 minutes away, there are staff walking out left and right, and family members moving there loved ones out. Two VERY bad signs. Even though the money is better and the place LOOKS nice on the outside, I can almost guarantee you it's not the choice you want to make. Most facilities offer more money because they can't keep staff for one reason or another. You'd probably end of feeling very stressed and unhappy. Take the job on the monitored care unit with the benefits and the 8 weeks of orientation. Just the fact that they're willing to give you 8 weeks orientation says a lot about the facility.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Trust me on this. If you have the second offer, do not take the LTC job. You have been given many red flag hints. These hints are not figments of someone's imagination. People do not move their loved ones out of facilities b/c the place is great. By the time families decide it is necessary to do this, conditions are probably beyond hope, just waiting to hit the headlines of the local media. You do not want to work there. (There are repercussions, not positive, for working at a facility with a bad reputation, particularly when the ---- hits the media).
  5. by   aimeee
    Take the one at the monitored care unit. You know you want to. I'm sure its the one that will be best for you, but even if it doesn't work out you will still be able to fall back on a job at the LTC facility while you look for something else. LTC ALWAYS has openings.
  6. by   OHmom2boys
    Thanks you guys. I pretty much had my mind made up, but needed to make sure I wasn't imagining things about the LTC facility because I wanted the hospital job more. My husband of course, thinks I shoud take the job with the most money and closer to home. I see his reasoning, but to be honest I didn't go to school to do something for the money (Lord knows there are plenty of other things if you are doing it for the money!). I went to school so I could be a nurse. I've worked hard to get here, I want to enjoy it.
    Thanks again!
  7. by   live4today
    Monitored Care over the LTC job! :kiss
  8. by   caliotter3
    Oh, and you can be diplomatic too. Tell the LTC people that you needed a full time position!
  9. by   Nurse Ratched
    Caliotter - I might even go so far as to express the concern that the LTC was willing to hire "sight unseen." This might burn a bridge later, but it might also wake someone up.

    I agree with the others. While I am sure you would provide the best care possible to the residents of the LTC, it doesn't sound like a good situation.
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I agree w/the above. Take option #2. I wish you well. Let us know what you decide finally, and how it's going!
  11. by   ShannonRN2010
    Work for SOMC again? Cool! Do It...they told me they give raises 2 times a year and then there are all the benefits of working with them. I say go for it...