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  2. Sorry this is a longish post - but l guess l am a bit worried at the moment

    At the moment the fires are coming closer to our area - we are within the city areas - We think we will be OK - although there is a large hill behind us that is basically scrub

    I just heard on the radio that there are fires breaking around near us Albury Wodonga The tourist towns of Bright, Yackandandah Beechworth Chiltern Tallangatta and all their surrounding smaller towns are all under threat -- Some of the places have been told to implement their fire planes and some places have been told if they have decided not to stay with their homes to evacuate. - we have been surrounded by smoke for most of the day Apparently some of the areas on the outskirts of our town - have spot fires

    The fire /CFA units are very stretched and the radio is telling people that there will not be sufficient numbers of units to save all properties -

    The sky is smoked filled the sun was red - bright red as it was setting tonight
    There have been huge losses of forest and timber areas - this is where the fires that are now affecting us - the embers have been blown by the winds that have been blowing all day - swirling around.

    Canberra has had spot fires - And there have been people put on alerts there as well
    Fires have broken out around the area of Hobart in Tasmania. There are apparently areas around Melbourne that have small fires -

    This stretches our resources a huge amount. Sydney today has apparently had a lot of smoke haze - I feel so helpless - cant offer your help as we are not trained just have to be aware and make your home as fire proof as possible - we have been told what clothing to wear about spot fires and checking that embers are extinguished - that if the fire front goes through then to put out fires after - Scary stuff - The wind is still swirling around - l can hear the chimes outside.

    Have taken some photos will try and attach one to show what it looked like about 2 hours or so ago. It shows the hill in the back ground and our house and the smoke with the sun - the white bit shows the smoke drifting in.

    David is out extending hoses at the meoment - just in case - have heard anything more on the radio -I can smell the smoke in the air at the moment

    Hope everyone else is OK out there.

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  4. by   renerian
    Tookie I am so scared for you and all the aussie people. I am praying for rain.

    keep checking in so we know your okay,

  5. by   emily_mom
    Please keep checking in....I think we're all praying for rain...

  6. by   Mkue
    Praying for rain and that you all will be safe.
  7. by   ayemmeff
    OMG! Keep safe Tookie and all the Aussie Allnurses...and keep checking in with us.If I could send you our rain I would!
  8. by   thatldo
    Tookie, I'm praying for you and all others down under!!!
  9. by   GPatty
    Keep safe.....
    Know our hearts are with you!
  10. by   oramar
    Now I am really starting to get scared. I was worried before but now I am scared. I will be watching to see how things go.
  11. by   nursedawn67
    Praying for your safety and rain to help get those fires out!
  12. by   OzNurse69
    Just checked the Bureau of Met charts -- unfortunately no rain forecast for at least another 4 days anywhere in southern Aust -- can we all start praying now that the weathermen are wrong??!!
  13. by   Tookie
    Thank you for your thoughts -
    Update as l have just been litening to the news -
    last count Canberra has lost 451 houses - TYhey were on alert today and the situation was tense - however that is now eased following a wind change

    Tasmania has a number of fires still around Hobert

    Melbourne had 2 seperate fires in the suburb areas (I think) today but they are under cointrol

    Not sure if Sydney had fires or they were just burning off or they only had smoke haze.

    The Alpine fires are now quite dangerous - a lot of the Alpine towns have been told to evacuate (sorry if l am repaeting myself)
    Towns such as Bright Porepunkah, Aldorado, Stanley Allens flat Leneva Yackandandah - the spot fires are breaking out around the outshirts of our Town, Wodonga. Approx 10 Ks from the township - They said that the fire was moving quite quickly.

    The smoke is very obvious and the smell is pervading - They ahve set up 2 evacuation centre in the centre of town

    We truly beleive that we will be OK - as we are not that close to outskirts - We have sorted out the important papers that we need and located the photos etc in a central place and have made a list of the priority items to pack the cars - Noticed that there aer a lot of the neighbors doing the same - gutters filed with water and people hosing down rooves, Dont think there will be a lot of people sleeping well tonight.

    They are predicting a milder day in Victoria and the north east tommorrow - however the weekend is going to be really high temperatures again.

    Thank you for thinking of us - My thoughts go to the people in Canberra who have lost so much this includes one of great landmarks the Mount Stromlo Observatory that had some amazing telescopes

    I can not imagine what those people must be going through l dont think they truly had much warning at all.

    Thank you

    All of our Aussies are in my thoughts! Stay safe!

  15. by   ayemmeff
    Tookie,do you know where in Melbourne? I have family in Forest hill and friends in Mornington.