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  1. I just wanted to share what happened to me today. I was driving up a state highway which, while not an interstate, is a busy 6 lane route. In the median, looking lost, is a small dog.
    Of course, I stop, thinking the dog will run away from me. She doesn't. She comes right to me, and I put her in my car, and drive home. I had no idea what to do with her at the time, she's a small (~15 lb) beagle who has obviously had a litter or two of pups. She is torn up with fleas and ticks, scarred around her face, missing some fur on her rump, but her face is so sweet I just melted.
    So I bring her home, give her food and water (I have one very large dog). She eats like she hasn't eaten in months (she probably hasn't... she had a ragged collar that left obvious marks around her neck but no tags, clearly she's never been to a vet). I gave her not 1 but 2 baths, pulled off the ticks I could find, dried her off, and sat her on the deck to try and decide what to do.
    So I called everyone I could think of... I can't keep this poor animal because my dog would never adjust and I don't have a fenced yard. I made a promise to myself when we bought Jessie that I wouldn't get another dog until we had a fence.
    So my significant other's nephew comes by. His mother is at a bridal shower, so he calls her up, and it turns out his Aunt Diane has a beagle that is failing and will probably be put down soon, and she'd love to have her.
    So..... she'll definitely get the hookup and be spoiled rotten by this time next week.
    This adorable lil pup is currently in my living room, in Jessie's old kennel. I put blankets down and she's sleeping contentedly, enjoying the air conditioning, and watching television (its so cute the way she cocks her head and looks at the screen). We'll drive her up to Aunt Diane's tomorrow morning.
    I hate to let her go, she's so sweet and even-tempered. A docile little thing. But I am overjoyed that she is going to a good home.
    She'll be able to see a vet, get her immunizations, be spayed, get on heartworm/flea/tick meds... and generally be a spoiled dog living the good life.
    I just wanted to share because this is such a happy ending... usually things never turn out this great in real life. I feel fantastic about this because I'm sure this dog would have been hit by a car if she stayed where she was... and now, she's a very wanted dog who is going to a good home to live a good life....
    Definitely a great thing for all concerned.
    Thanks for listening!
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    Good for you Rebecca! What a great thing you've done for that dog!

    Even if she hadn't been killed on that highway, what if someone, less than desirable, had gotten to her first?

    We had a similar situation in January, only I was selfish and kept him for myself!

  4. by   delirium
    Oh Heather,

    I wish I could keep her for myself. She's so freaking adorable I can't stand it.

    I'm glad she's going to a good home, though. Just because she started out with a hard life doesn't mean she has to live one forever.

    I even fed her some porterhouse for dinner (just a little, with some more dry food and water).

  5. by   canoehead
    THanks for posting, it's nice to hear a story that turns out well for everyone. And so nice of you to take care of a pooch in need- not everyone would have stopped.
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    Wow, MsPurp. Way cool of you to do that! :kiss :angel2:
  7. by   jennyej
    That was a great thing you did. I believe everything happens for a reason. This person who will be getting this little angel will probably need her when her other dog has to be put down. The way it sounds she is very attached to her current dog and having this new one will help her. I am so glad you got to this puppy before she got hurt more seriuosly. You are a wonderful caring person not everyone would stop to help a stray.
  8. by   prmenrs
    That was terrific!! I am so impressed! hopefully, no heartworms to spoil anything. The last couple of times I've taken a stray into the vets I've wound up w/a BIG vet bill, and a dead cat. I'm trying to avoid strays for right now. Good Luck!!
  9. by   hoolahan
    (((((((Rebecca)))))))) :kiss :angel2: THat is so wonderful, how sweet of you!
  10. by   misti_z
    That was really generous of you. She probably would have be ran over it you hadn't picked her up.
  11. by   delirium
    Prmenrs, I'm so sorry to hear that..... I do have a tendency to try and 'save' everything, my parents always groan when I start off a conversation with, 'Well, I found this _____'.
    She's still as cute as she can be this morning. I believe everything happens for a reason too, and I think she'll mean a lot to this woman.
    Hopefully everything will be fine with her medically, I'll keep everyone posted after she makes her visit to the vet.
    I didn't really start this thread to hear how great I was or anything, I just wanted to tell a happy story for once.
    If I had a digital camera, I'd post a pic of this little dog. Maybe I should look for one on ebay.
    Take care all,
  12. by   aimeee
    Awww! That's so nice that you were able to help this poor little poochie.
  13. by   Robin61970
    Good for you.......I am the same way.....when I am alone anyway,lol. Trying to get the hubby to stop......well........I am more softhearted I guess, but if I get it in the vehicle he's hooked,lol
  14. by   Nurse Ratched
    That is so sweet! We always had beagles growing up, and they are so affectionate; I'm glad this one is finding a good home .

    I was the crazy cat lady back home lol.