My daughter was just dc'd from the hospital!

  1. I brought my 3 yo home from the hospital today. I am sooo frustrated, need to vent!!!! Thursday night, I went out with some friends (went to see "How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days-highly recommend it) anyway, when I get home, my daughter is wheezing, coughing, resp rate 60+, hr 160+, major stridor, take her to the er, o2 sats 86%. They give her 1 breathing tx and while they are giving it, the PA comes in to tell me that when it is done they will watch her for 15 min and discharge us. (No chest x-ray, no blood work, nothing!) The doctor was in the room long enough to say "Hi, I'm Dr So & So and respiratory will be here soon to give her a treatment." That is it-then he was gone, never even examined her!! OK, so, tx done, 15 min later they come in and start to take monitors off and give me a rx for prednisone! Sats are now 87-88%, resp rate still over 60 and hr sitll over 160. I comment that I am not comfortable with that. The PA casually says "well that is normal at this elevation" (Idaho). I tell him that I have been an RN (at this elevation) for a number of years now and that I have never heard that it is acceptable to have a healthy 3 yo with sats at 88 % just because we are at a higher elevation. He then explains to me "well she has also been sleeping." Key words here are "has been" she fell asleep for about 10 min after the tx but was awake now and sats were still 88%. So, he says "well she will be fine when you get her home and you can follow up with your ped next week" So, I could see I was getting no where!! I took her home (around 0100) and called ped first thing next morning. The office nurse said that once my daughter started on her prednisone she would be much better and I probably wouldn't need to be seen in the office that day. OK, so now I threw a fit. I told her that I was not stupid, I am an RN (she was an LPN) and I know what is normal and what is not normal and she could either make an appointment for me or I would come in myself and find the doctor to see my daughter (visions of John Q flashing through my mind!!) SO, I go to see the doctor. He walks in the room and asks why they didn't admit her the night before. (THANK YOU, SOMEONE IS FINALLY LISTENING TO ME!!!!!!) I tell him the story and he was furious!! Gave her a breathing tx there in the office and told me to take her straight to peds, bypass admission and (since I am an RN and he and the peds nurses know me) personally make sure that each and every of his orders are promptly carried out!!!! OK, so since this thread is long enough, here's the shortened version of the rest of the events 2 IV sticks, 1 lab draw stick, RSV swab (torture), influenza swab (screaming child, sobbing mother), bloody noses x 3 days, O2 x 2 days, xopinex tx q4-6 hrs, neg chest xray, neg rsv, neg influenza, crying 3 yo "I want to go home" solumedrol q6, orders for dc, o2 sats drop to 86 during nap, cancel dc order, o2 removed by me to clean up another bloody nose, o2 sats great while awake, drop a little while asleep-finally gets to come home today!!!!! I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE MY LITTLE GIRL BACK!!! Thanks for reading!!!!
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  3. by   BadBird
    So sorry your little sweetie is sick, it is so frustrating when you know what the proper treatment and assessment should be and it isn't done. Don't hesitate to write all your complaints in a letter to the CEO. I hope you let your Dr. know about his office nurses response, perhaps she needs a new job.
  4. by   emily_mom
    I agree with Badbird on this one. I wouldn't let it drop.

    Glad to see your babes is doing better, and you are home (which does wonders!)

  5. by   LilgirlRN
    A mother always knows her kid better than anyone else. It pays to listen to what mom says. Glad she is doing better. I've always heard that in higher elevations there are lower sats due to increased hemoglobin... so what is a normal sat at your elevation?... I live in Alabama, I guess where I am our elevation is around 300 feet or so and I freak if I get a sat below 96 on a normally healthy, nonsmoking adult.
  6. by   casperbjs
    I worked for three different doctors. We were not allowed to refuse to see children that parents wanted appointments for, especially if they were sick!

    I'm glad your daughter is home now and feeling better!
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  7. by   kids
    Been there. Nothing like being a nurse AND knowing your child to pizz you off. Thank God she had a relitively short stay and is now home, I am sure you are giving her lots of loves and she definately deserves them. Hospitals are scarey places for grown-ups let alone kids who don't even have the vocabulary skills to explain to them what is happening.

    What was the final dx? I ask because our area (a couple hundrend miles west of you) was hit with a bug 2 years ago what they were calling "asthmatic bronchitis" that was putting healthy living adults to the hospital (and my less than healthy living self)...anyway...2 years later some people who had it are still developing asthma sx with if they get a URI. Even tho they had no previous personal or family history of asthma.
  8. by   CountrifiedRN
    Glad to hear your daughter is home and doing well now!
  9. by   shygirl
    I'm sorry too! Three years old is too young to be sick, poor little baby! I hope she is doing much better!

  10. by   Kayzee
    Hope your little one is feeling better. Ya really have to know your stuff when you visit those places they call "hospitals."
  11. by   LauraF, RN
    Originally posted by casperbjs [/i]
    [B]I worked for three different doctors. We were not allowed to refuse to see children that parents wanted appointments for, especially if they were sick!

    I worked for two pediatricians as well. We were never allowed to tell a family they could not have an appointment. I would speak to the office manager. I would also talk to the ER manager as well. You can't treat and street everyone! Which ER's prefer to do. I am glad your little girl is doing better. That must have been difficult for you both to go through.
  12. by   LilgirlRN
    Now hang on just a minute RN2BLPN4NOW, I work in an ED and we do NOT prefer to treat and street. We provide whatever care is indicated. I work in a private hospital, we can only admit pt's to their private docs or the hospitalist service. Many of the private docs refuse to admit the patient, some times we refuse to d/c the patient and the private doc comes in and d/c's them over our protests. Sometimes we, the nurses can sway the doctor's opinion, sometimes we can't. It's clear to me that at your cervix's daughter should have been admitted, had she been at our ED, she would have been.
  13. by   RNonsense
    Glad to hear she is doing better...what a stressful time for you both! I am curious as well as to what the final Dx was...
    Glad you and your girl are home and better! How scary for you (and her I'm sure!)

    But I'm with Nancy... what did they come up with for a dx?