My chihuahua - Stormy has tooth abscess

  1. I was so scared on Tuesday morning. Stormy had a lump under his chin or mouth. It seemed like it came up overnight. All I could think of was thyroid cancer. Finally got him in to the vet. She thinks it is a tooth abscess. So he's having his teeth cleaned this morning, and pulling that tooth, plus going to pull any others that need to come out. Now he's on antibiotics. He's 14 years old. He may have no teeth when he comes home.
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  3. by   formernurse
    Sorry to hear that casper. You may have to give him very soft food, or baby food. Poor baby. I know he will get good care when he comes home.
  4. by   casperbjs
    thank you for saying that, you are so kind! Believe me, he'll get TLC!
  5. by   fergus51
    I also have a Chihuahua and was told that bad teeth are a common trait in the breed. Mine is only 3 and had to have one tooth pulled when she was a pup. There are a lot of specially made dog food for small dogs without teeth, and I am sure you're dog will be just fine with them. (My dog actually used to steal the soft food from one of her older chihuahua friends)
  6. by   kristi915
    My dog had a absess on one of his teeth, he was a lab/collie mix. Unfortunatly the vet lost the results to which it was a tumor or not and if it was, was it benine. So we never knew, we think it was a tumor that eventually got to his brain.

    He didn't have his tooth removed though, but we just softened his food with water, he ate it just the same.

    GOod luck, give your doggy a kiss for me
    Hope your doggy has a speedy recovery

  8. by   casperbjs
    Thank you all for your encouraging words! I picked him up from the vet this afternoon, and surprisingly they only pulled the one tooth that was abscessed, cleaned the others. I had taken his blanket when I had to leave him, and they had a heating pad under his blanket for him. Was I impressed. He has eaten 1/2 can soft dog food and seems to be great!
  9. by   tiger
    oh casper i hope stormy is still doing well. i know it will be difficult when my chihuahua has to have any procedure as she will let noone but me touch her. she won't even let me clip her nails. i have to hold her while someone else does it. my mom has a cat that is around 20 yrs old that she feeds baby food. the only thing she can eat.
  10. by   casperbjs
    Tiger, I have to have my husband hold Stormy and bribe him with a lollipop to be able to trim his toenails. He still hates it and tries to bite, but it's better. Thank goodness, as a courtesy to me, they trimmed his toenails yesterday while he was asleep. That was so nice.

    Thank you all for being so thoughtful about him!
  11. by   casperbjs
    Just wanted to update everyone. Stormy is doing wonderful now!
    For a day or so he was vomiting up water and moist dog food. He is eating, drinking and everything else. Back to eating his dry dog food and keeping water down. Must have been a side effect of the anesthesia. Something like Cebo...... Something new they use for older pets. I hope and pray we don't have to go through this again. I can tell he feels so much better. Thanks for all the care and concern!:kiss

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