My car finance company lost my check!

  1. A few weeks ago I got a call from the place I bought my car from telling me that I was late on a payment. I told them that that couldn't be, because I mailed TWO payments, EARLY. They said they got one check, but not the other one. The lady I spoke with said that maybe they opened my envelope and only saw one check and threw away the other one.

    Well, today I got my bank statement with my paid checks enclosed. BOTH checks are there, paid on the same day. (first of all, one was postdated and shouldn't have gone through on the same day). I checked the back of the checks, and they both went to the same bank, etc....

    SO, I call the place and tell them. The lady checks all other accounts for the check number in question, and tells me that it is not there. in other words, it was not credited to someone else's account. She wasn't really helpful about it.

    So I tell her that I DO have the check, and it WAS paid, and I ask her what I am supposed to do about it. So she tells me to fax them a copy of both sides of the check in question.

    I am so frustrated! I send them my money, and they "forget" to log it in their computer, and now I am out the money and as it stands right now, I am still behind a payment because of their stupidity!!!!
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  3. by   cindyln
    I am fighting with ALLTEL over almost this same problem. I paid for a new phone,have the confirmation number proving it but they are trying to bill me a second time! Can't wait for this contract to be done! I am thru with ALLTEL!! Sucky service!!!
    Ohhhhh.... me thinks ALLTELL has issues.

    Luckily I have turned into a major procrastinator/packrat/unorganized fool lately, and hadn't yet opened my last 5-6 bank statements. I had returned checks as proof of 4 payments they claimed they hadn't received. 4 seperate checks!


  5. by   duckie
    I would send them a copy of both the front and backs of both checks, along with a letter stating that they signed it, it shows they received the money and you want an immediate letter of payment confirmation, otherwise, your laywer will speak to their laywer about the harrassment you have been receiving. If you have proof it was cashed, they have to give you credit. I would also recommend they train the person that is supposed to be doing that job again, because they obviously had their thumbs up their butt that day. Just my 2 cents worth. I had a phone company try to tell me once I didn't pay my bill. The copy of the signed check shut them up immediately! They cannot dispute what is in black and white.
  6. by   ShandyLynnRN
    well crap! I was so busy last night that I forgot all about faxing them copies of my check!!! ARGH!!!!
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    One time the elec. company reported us to a colection agency for $35.
    We didn't know anything about it until we tried to buy a computer (or something) on credit.
    We had the cancelled check but getting something OFF the bad credit list is not as easy as you might think.
  8. by   emily_mom
    My car loan bank (Firstar out of Milwaukee) cashed my check for $25 instead of $250. They threatened to reposess my car and such. They never admitted to being wrong and have ignored 10 requests to take the late pymt off our credit. So, I will NEVER send them an even amt anymore...they get $246.77.

    I hate companies....all of general.....
  9. by   Overland1
    One thing that I (finally) did was to convert my Jeep payment at the credit union over to an automatic withdrawal from my savings account. I normally am very organized about paying bills on time, but the advantage of have a "half-payment" made every two weeks was too much to resist. The loan gets paid off faster and a lot of the interest cost is saved.

    If you financed through a company like Chrysler Financial, they (unfortunately) do not offer the same sort of plan .
  10. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I bought my car from AAF, I believe they are mainly in Arkansas.... They are one of those "low interest, rack up the base price, rebuild your credit" type places. They are also a pay by the week place. I had mailed two double payments.....

    I finally faxed them copies of my checks (as I am now in OK, 3 hours away) last night... hopefully this will be resolved without any problems.... guess I will wait and see.
  11. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Well, I faxed them a copy of both checks (I sent two payments in one envelope, one they have record of, the other they don't). Both checks have their bank's stamp on the back of them, and both have my banks stamp on the front stating both were paid on the same day.

    So the lady calls me, and says that she called the bank they use, and they told her that THEY don't have a record of clearing the stinking check either!

    So I told her that something needs to happen, because of now, it is showing me that I am late on a payment because I was expecting that check to be cleared, yada yada. and that both checks OBVIOUSLY were BOTH cleared through their bank, as I have them in front of me, and the banks stamp is on them BOTH.

    So she says she is going to call the bank again Monday, yada yada....

    Nothing was mentioned about the fact that reguardless of if their bank says it cleared or not, that the payment was OBVIOUSLY made and thus I should get credit for it!!!

    GRR!!! This is so irritating! I mailed both checks in the same *******' envelope! I have both checks as paid by my bank, to THEIR bank!!!
  12. by   kids
    Originally posted by emily_mom
    My car loan bank (Firstar out of Milwaukee) cashed my check for $25 instead of $250. They threatened to reposess my car and such. They never admitted to being wrong and have ignored 10 requests to take the late pymt off our credit. So, I will NEVER send them an even amt anymore...they get $246.77.

    I hate companies....all of general.....
    I had a Visa company run a $30 payment for $300. It took me a YEAR to get it across to them that they needed to take off the fees (and interest) they tacked on because of it (NSF check fee, late payment fee because the check bounced and the 2 fees together put me over my credit limit).

    The mess with the bank was almost as bad...on the CS advice I put a stop paymet on the check but the Visa company resubmitted it as an EFT and it got paid...generated about 8 bounced checks. The bank reversed all of my fees and sent out a letter and paid the fees with the merchants but I still ended up having to close the account & reopen with a new number because Tele-check wouldn't clear my account number (to many bad checks reported in to short a time according to their policy...never mind that my BANK admitted it was an error).
  13. by   nursegoodguy
    Our mortgage company lost our check once! They asked, "Well did you get a receipt?" I thought my check WAS the receipt? Guess what... if they lose the check they also lost your Receipt! I hate that you have to be one step ahead of them all!
  14. by   jenac
    Several years ago, my husband made a car payment with a money order. No big deal- usually. I know it was made as I'm the one who mailed it! Well, he gets a call saying his payment was never made, he's now a month behind and has to make a double payment immediately, including late charges. Wouldn't ya know that he couldn't find the little reciept for the money order (small little thing- about the size of two or three stamps). He called the company he got it from, who couldn't do anything without the receipt. So- needless to say, he had to make the double payment, and have the late payment on his credit! It's so convenient when this big companies lose a large payment- and their so compassionate about it too (sarcasm....)