My 1st week @ the new job

  1. First let me say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new job. I think I did quite well my first week. The only thing I hate was having to take the shuttle to the hospital for the drug/TB screening. Shuttle drops you off on the FAR side of the hospital, and you walk to the other side...a good 7 - 10 minute walk too. I got my TB shot, and they drew blood, because to my knowledge, I had not had anything like the chicken pox or mumps. Well, nurse #1 couldn't find the vein to draw blood, she calls nurse #2, who found the vein instantly. While drawing blood, nurse #2 turns around to get a guaze. While turning around the needle goes deeper and I am suddenly in pain. Dang that hurt.

    All of the hiring process is complete for me and I am now in the hospitals system, so this coming Monday is my official hiring date. I'm so stoked I can't stand it.

    Okay, I'm falling asleep, as I should be.
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  3. by   aimeee
    Great news! Hope everything continues to go well!