My 1st...................

  1. my 1st code......... blue
    i was so freaked this a normal reaction.....i would love some feed back on others 1st codes.....i know how we all love to share.

    i have had great difficulty sleeping, and getting the event out of my head, i just keep replaying it over, and over......

    thanks for letting me share.
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  3. by   karenelizabeth
    I puked my guts up after my first one too (don't do that anymore thankfully)

    Still have trouble winding down afterwards (been a qualified Nures 10 years now) do the same thing go over and over it in my head.

    Was there someone else there who can talk you through what happened and debrief you I have found that helpful in the passed (now I do it for others)
  4. by   MollyMo
    I can't remember all the details of my first code. I do remember functioning and getting through it. Afterward I had an asthma attack. :stone
  5. by   ptnurse
    I remember the first time one of my patients was removed from the ventilator after tests showed brain death. The doctor asked me to watch the telemetry monitor at the nurses' station until it was over and then call him to come pronounce the man. It took 16 minutes and I cried my eyes out. The man's family had declined the opportunity to come and see him. My nurse manager told me that those emotions hit the hardest the first time you face the situation and then it is never QUITE that tough again. Codes are really tough, but I do a little better in codes. At least I am able to do something to help. I just really did not do well with just having to watch it happen. My hospital does have someone you can talk to about the stress of the job. Call your employee health dept. or just vent to us for as long as you need to. We are pretty good at helping each other.
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    You are so very normal! Let's face it, codes are scary. I've even been known to get ugly with a doc or two as the result of one!


    Do whatever you need to take care of yourself. These are very often traumatic experiences.

    All the best, Joy
  8. by   Helori
    I felt like the most incompetent, stupidist person in the world. I was sure that even though the doctors had seen the woman just a few hours before on rounds, that I had kept them up-to-date on her condition that I had done something wrong or missed something. After it was over I all of a sudden started crying, I mean I just balled. Thankfully the nurses that I work with a wonderfull and told me they had all been through the same thing. The next day when I had calmed down I talked to the head nurse on our floor (she was there during the code) and asked her if I had done anything wrong and if she could give me any advice about what to do the next time. Getting her feedback made me feel that at least then I could work on anything I had to instead of freaking myself out thinking about the sound of her little boy crying in the hall.

    What scares me now is that in 2 years of working I have only had 2 pts code. Both were in the same room. Now I'm a nervous wreak everythime I have to work in that room!
  9. by   shay
    Bless your heart....we all go through it with our first. I play back codes for a few days afterward....I think it's normal. If it persists, though, esp. w/the not sleeping, well, that's sort of a PTSD thing going on and you may want to see your doctor. Take care.
  10. by   shygirl
    I work in a nursing home so we really do not have codes as most are DNR. There was this woman who had been declining for two weeks. I went in to take her vitals and as I had my stethascope over her heart, I auscultated about three beats when all of a sudden .....NOTHING! I re-positioned and still nothing. She let out a final breath.

    She was 99 years old and I, heard her last beat of her heart. I mean I thought of all the things she had seen and done in her life. I felt incredibly inspired by this. Who am I to have been there when all her family members had died?There was an incredible warmth with a soft glow in the room. I actually felt lifted up. I will never forget it. I thought it was beautiful.

    P.S. Sorry if I do not have a terrible code story to share.
  11. by   live4today
    When my dirty mind saw the words "My First.......", I thought you were going to share with us about the first time you got laid. first code was scary as well. The guy was on the treadmill treading away and all of a sudden "Boom!" He hit the ground.......the code team worked on him......he died.....age 54.
    His wife was waiting in the outpatient waiting room to take him home after his stress-thalium test. He went home alright.....PERMANENTLY!!!
  12. by   LilgirlRN
    After I graduated from nursing school I was hired to work in the coronary care unit. I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse but there were no openings at the time. I was scared to death that I was going to make a mistake and kill someone. They (the other nurses that I worked with) would call a code and I would volunteer to take care of the rest of the patients. That worked for a while..until one of the patients that coded was MY patient and I had to be there. I was taking care of my then mom in law's boss and saw him go into v-fib on the monitor, gave him a precordial thump and he came out of it, asked me why in the world I had hit him! After that I floated around on the "I saved a life today cloud" Wendy
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    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    When my dirty mind saw the words "My First.......", I thought you were going to share with us about the first time you got laid.

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one Cheerfuldoer! :roll