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  1. I believe this is a MUST READ for all health care workers. Take this time and educate yourself about disaster preparedness for yourself, your families and patients.
    This is from a website , Doctors for Disaster Preparedness ,
    "DDP promotes homeland defense and prudent preparedness for disasters of all kinds, including war or terrorism. Its annual meeting brings together America's foremost authorities on strategic and civil defense as well as prominent scientists speaking on real threats or manufactured scares."
    Address: 1601 N. Tucson Blvd. #9
    Tucson, AZ 85716

    Phone: (520) 325-2680

    The information contained on this site is very worthy, in the side bar follow the link for:

    1. Treatment of Biological Warfare Casualities
    or click here:

    2. Download Nuclear Survival Skills
    or click here:

    Excerpt from a recent article;
    DDP president Jane M. Orient, M.D.."urges the new Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies to take immediate action for civilian protections, such as securing and stocking shelters."

    Dr. Orient lists actions the government could take immediately, at minimal cost:

    (1) Encourage privately owned facilities that contract with the government to prepare and stock existing space for fallout shelters (or at least repeal any prohibitions);

    (2) Resume distribution of information on expedient civil defense measures tested at Oak Ridge National Laboratories to state and local emergency workers, emergency broadcast facilities, and interested citizens;

    (3) Stockpile potassium iodide and directions for use to protect the thyroid gland in the event of fallout;

    (4) Stockpile unprocessed grain and beans as an emergency food supply in the event that a year's crops are contaminated;

    (5) Improve methods of detecting chemical and biological agents; stockpile and disperse antibiotics and antidotes; have instructions for Israeli-style sealed rooms ready for dissemination.

    Dr. Orient also urges physicians to take a crash course on diagnosing, treating and reporting possible cases of biological and chemical terrorism.


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    The twenty some "exposure" anthrax cases from the senate (Daschle's office) definitely has been "refined" and was found in the "ventilation" system please read the links posted above.

    1. Treatment of Biological Warfare Casualities
    or click here:

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    Good posts, all.
    And Kday, your reasoning makes great sense.

    Best wishes, Christina
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    I absolutely agree, kday. I live in the mountains, in a tiny town that is very remote. My husband and I have begun to gather the things that we heard about our parents having to do without during the Depression. We always keep several days' worth of foods anyway, because of our remote location, and winter weather. I don't think it is too early to consider preparing for our families, and I am with you, kday-family comes first. If the bills don't get paid, leave it to the surviving bill collectors to sort out!
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    My sentiments exactly!! I did not become a nurse to be a martyr, believe it or not . When it comes to THE end, family IS where this Mom will be. Already, this thing has made me appreciate every second with those I love. Once the SH$# really hits the fan, the only place I want to be found is with my pile. I've always said the same about the fire drills at work...they'd better hope I get tangled in someone's IV tubing if they want me bringing someone out. Just look at NYC if you want to see what hero's get in life. A wall with my name on it will do my family no good.

    However, it is very nice of Michelle to post this info for those interested. I would like to add, that around noon today (later than Michelle's post confirming the anthrax in the vents) that the governor held a speech conference in which he said it still could not be definitely determined if the anthrax was placed in the system by a human, or if it got in there some other way. Didn't elaborate on the "other way", I'm assuming through the intake when the package was opened. He also said the anthrax was NOT refined as previously reported.

  8. by   Q.

    You want to be with your pile? As in hemmorhoids or what?

    I agree with Kday as well. I thought the link was very informative. But honestly, smallpox, anthrax (or, as a patient stated here, AMTRAX), bunga-bunga, whatever doesn't scare me. What scares me more is MASS PANIC. Mass suicides, people flipping out, going psychotic...that kind of crap.

    That is why my hubby and I REALLY want a gun for Christmas. A nice .45.
    If things really hit the fan, I want to be armed. And then, we're headin to the farm.

    Just my thoughts.
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    First I appreciate everyone's comments, I have to admit I am definitely hypervigilant with a capital "H". I plan on also being with my family when and if this gets worse. I also want to be prepared as much as possible. I live in one of the largest metro cities in the country (top ten for square miles), our hospitals already admit they are unprepared. Jacksonville was on the list 2 years ago for the government based emergency preparedness task force...indeed scary. I am taking measures to ensure a ten day food supply and water for my family but am also learning as much as I can about bioterrorism, nuclear fallout ect.
    I am glad this BB is here, and I always appreciate other's viewpoints.

    P.S. this just in...

    Doctors placed on alert for infections

    Source: Chicago Tribune

    In an unusual warning to the nation's doctors, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked them to be on heightened alert for any infectious outbreaks--from food poisoning to smallpox--that could be the result of bioterrorism.
    The CDC said the warning was necessary because anthrax attacks in Florida, New York and Washington have "demonstrated the risks associated with intentional release of biological agents."

    The CDC added that it did not have any information to indicate that further attacks were being planned.

    The warning appears in the October issue of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, which the CDC uses to alert the medical profession to the status of infectious diseases in the country and measures to control them.

    "Somebody's obviously sending out envelopes with the anthrax bacteria, so they want to remind us to keep our eyes open for other infections too," said Dr. David Maserang, chief of laboratories for the Illinois Department of Public Health.

    "It doesn't surprise me. We were already doing that. We were thinking, `OK, somebody's got something going on with anthrax so we need to be vigilant for other forms of bioterrorism.'"

    In addition to being on the lookout for more cases of anthrax, the CDC also asked doctors to watch for plague, botulism, inhalational tularemia and hemorrhagic fever.

    "Activities in bioterrorism preparedness and emerging infections over the past few years have better positioned public health agencies to detect and respond to the intentional release of a biological agent," the CDC said.

    The agency said doctors in private practice, hospital emergency rooms and local and state public health departments should monitor any unusual clustering of infectious disease, such as cases from the same building or cases that affect people in certain age groups or occupations.

    Any such outbreaks should be immediately reported to state public health departments, which then would pass on the information to the CDC in Atlanta.

    Symptoms involving a biological agent probably would look like symptoms of naturally occurring infections, but the clustering of cases should be a tip-off to something unusual, the CDC said. Symptoms may include fever, pneumonia, respiratory failure, rash, muscle paralysis, and chickenpox-like skin eruptions.

    Maserang said individuals should monitor their own health and keep their doctor informed if they develop any unusual illnesses. "People still need to go to their doctor, talk to their doctor, keep their doctor in the loop," he said.

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    Breanna, thanks for sharing. I'm on an Occ Med BB, and have seen tons of sites. These look good, and much easier to digest.
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    Might I suggest a nice 9mm like a Browning Hi Power or even the Beretta 92 series?. They are much easier to shoot and handle than the .45, as well as more accurate. The ammo is also cheaper and easier to otbtain for the 9mm.

    I own both a .45 and a Hi Power 9mm ( and a glock 10mm), and prefer the 9mm. My wife(another blood hungry nurse) carries a 38 cal Rossi. A very nice and cheap brazilian revolver.

    But for the ultimate in home defense I suggest a good 12 gauge shotgun pump action such as the Mossberg bull pup with pistol grips or even a Remington 870 pump 12 gauge. The sound of a round being jacked into the chamber in a shotgun will stop just about anyone. just a friendly and hopefully helpful advise from myour soul mate and fellow blood thirsty nurse


    P.s. Letrs start a petition to elect Charlton Heston our president....LOL
  13. by   Q.
    Hey Dave-

    I have thought about the 9mm, but I kinda have a bad taste in my mouth about it because the one I had was old and clunky and jammed! Dood not a cool! (as Kday would say)

    My husband and I wanted a .45 because of it's power and size. I realize it is heavier and such and has a kickback but if I am firing at close range in the house, I don't care, I'm just shootin. As far as cost of ammo - I guess that is a concern, however I don't plan on using alot of ammo....hopefully.

    But thanks for the advice. It was very accurate and all very true - VERY good advice. I forwarded it to my husband.

    By the way, did you register your weapons?
  14. by   Dplear
    ahhh....register my guns....ahhhh, yeah ahhhh, I'm sure i did...let me ahhhh, see if I can like find the ahhh papers for it...yeah thats it let me look for the papers, ahhh I'll have to ahhh, get back to you with those(looking over my shoulder)