Muslims in Nigeria slaughtering non-muslims?

  1. This morning when I got up I turned on CNN, something I do every morning now. The news ticker at the bottom of the screen showed that a CNN reporter in Nigeria was reporting their had been clashes there with police that left hundreds dead, and that Muslims were "slaughtering" non-Muslims in retailiation for the US strikes against Afganistan. This was on the ticker over and over, but not on the verbal news report. I checked MSNBC but didn't find anything about it there, nor on any of the other news sources I check regularly now. I know there has been a 16 or 17 year civil war in the Sudan that is basicly a Muslim-Christian conflict, my church sponsered three teenagers from there last year and a family where I live have adopted 5 boys that were orphaned by the civil war in the Sudan as well. But I don't know much about what has been happening in Nigeria, can anyone with more knowledge fill me in?
    I am concerned that this is going to turn into a religious war whether we want that or not. An article in this weeks Newsweek regarding why the people in the Middle East dislike us so was very imformative, noting the lack of anything resembling democracy inside Eygpt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc... and how the lack of civil rights, a free press and social services that we take as a basic infrastucture here has lead to the rise of fundamentalist Islam, with the attending terrorist tactics that have grown with it. Groups like Hamas are filling a social void that the governments are not filling. When I read this it made me think how the mafia stepped into the void especially in Sicily, that was left after WWII and lack of government that was there. Somewhere else perhaps Time magazine I read that their are a billion adherents to the Islamic faith and of the billion approximately 165 million are of the more fanatical branches, concentrated in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. I am greatly concerned that no matter what steps our government takes to not offend the Islamic faith or how many times we say this is not a religious war, is not going to matter. Many people in the Middle East are convinced that the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon was actually the work of the Israeli Mossod so that it would be blamed on bin Laden, and give the US reason to attack the Muslim world. Rumors there that say 4000 Jews that worked in the WTC were told to stay home on Sept. 11 and they did so. I draw parrells with the Nazi's and note that the Nazi's believed that the Jews were out to run the world, and that the majority of the Nazi elite were the intellectuals of their country. Educated in Major Universities in Germany. The hijackers of the planes that crashed the WTC and Pentagon were middle class people. Mohammed Atta was a Hamburg educated engineer. The Nazi's enflamed pre-existing prejudice in the Eastern Euorpean countries against the Jews, and much of the worst killings of the Jews took place in Poland and Lithurinia. The terrorists are enflaming pre-existing hatred of Americans and British(who have had a long history in the Middle East, as well as a pivotal role in establishing the Nation of Israel) in countries far removed from Afganistan.
    Truly I am waiting to see the whole region burst into hell on earth, but hoping it won't. I feel a tension constantly just waiting for it to happen. In a world where there is little if any free press the people are hand fed the government view of things, they know this and instead draw their own conclusions from the rumor and conjecture that surrounds them. In a world where the rich families run the country and give nothing to their citizens, in a world that is the left over vestiges of the Ottoman empire that continue to function like the Ottoman empire did, in a world where the infidel is the enemy of so many is it possible given all that is occuring for WWIII not to break out? Are the first casualties the non-Muslims in Nigeria? Is the report true and not a rumor or inflated? While this country has made it clear that this is not a religious war, the Taliban and the the terrorists have made it clear that from their end it is. Please don't jump on me and say I am saying that Muslims are one in the same, I don't believe that anymore than I think all Germans were horrid in WWII. I am though, truly concerned about the numbers that feel the way the terrorists do, and in how many countries these people live in. And what kind of anger is felt towards America, true or not.
    I would appreciate thoughts from others please.
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  3. by   Joules
    Ran across an interesting article while surfing last night. Of course, very controversial, but has a lot of information and written from a different perspective. I am not anti-Muslim--realize that the majority of the Muslims are peaceful, decent human beings, and that there are many interpretations of the Koran and many sects within their religion. It is the radical Islamic element that is such a threat to world peace. So, I would say the religious "war" has already been going on for a while. We in the West have simply not noticed or cared. Witness the horror, devastation, genocide and outright slavery in the Sudan. Is this merely a prelude of what is to come world-wide? Radical Islam's aim is to take over the world and to destroy Israel. No middle-ground here. One fact to note--wherever a country is controlled by the Muslims, freedom of religion is nil and most civil liberties that we take for granted here in the West don't exist. (Name one Muslim country where there is true freedom of religion).
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    I found a report on the Nigerian situation on

    Thought you might want to check it out.
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    A few other links on the conflict in Nigeria:

    Excert from one of the articles:
    "The U.S. began its military campaign against Afghanistan on Oct. 7 after the ruling Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden and his lieutenants to the United States. Bin Laden is the prime suspect in the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

    "Protesters said the rally had been organized by a group called Muslim Revolutionaries, believed to be an offshoot of a fundamentalist movement led by Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zak Zaky, a well-known politician and cleric who was jailed by the military regime in the 1990s for advocating making Nigeria an Islamic state.

    "Nigeria, with 120 million people, is divided into an overwhelmingly Muslim north and a largely Christian south. Religious tensions have increased since a dozen northern states, including Kano, began imposing Islamic law, or Shariah, last year.

    "Islamic courts in these states have ordered the hands of thieves amputated, and several women and girls have been publicly flogged for alleged sexual indiscretions.

    In September, at least 165 people were killed in the city of Jos in religious fighting."
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    This is my humble opinion about Israel and US Foreign Policy.
    After nearly 2000 years of persecution and the horror of the holocaust, the Jewish people were granted a homeland on May, 14, 1948. The United Nations voted to divide Palestine into two parts, one for the Jews and one for the Arabs. The independent state of Israel thus came into being in the tiny part of Palestine that had been set aside for them by the United Nations. The very next day (!) the Arab League declared war on Israel and sent its armies to attack the new state and wipe it out. To everyone's surprise, the Arab armies were defeated. In 1949, the Arab states and Palestine signed an armistice arranged under UN auspices. The armistice agreements ended the fighting, but they were not followed by regular peace treaties which would settle matters decisively, partly because the Arabs were determined to wipe out the state of Israel altogether. On January 9, 1954, for example, King Saud of Saudi Arabia declared: "Israel, to the Arab world, is like a cancer to the human body, and the only way of remedy is to uproot it just like a cancer." Thus Israel has had to fight for its very existence ever since. Think about it--Israel just wants the right to exist. The Jewish people simply want a homeland where they can live without the constant threat of persecution or annihilation. The United States has tasted recently the bitterness of radical Islamic hatred which Israel has endured for decades. That the U.S has been a staunch supporter of Israel is very commendable and something that makes me very proud to be an American. I hope and pray that our support continues and the likes of Bin Laden won't cause US policy to turn the other way.
    We are truly living in the days of the fulfilment of the ancient prophecy: "Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered against it." Zechariah 12:2-3.
    God, in the Abrahamic covenant, declared to Abraham, the undisputed father of both the Jews and the Arab nations, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." Genesis 12:3. In order for God to keep on blessing America, we need to continue to bless and stand by Israel.
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    Joules & Carole,

    Two different views. Thank you for sharing! I am including your posts in my thread for friends who have the link only to "latest from nyc". I think they will enjoy them too.

    I hope this discussion contiues. Learning a lot here.

    Best wishes, Christina
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    Carole yes, it is a rumor from those in the Middle East that Jews stayed home when the WTC was attacked. Part of those rumors is that the CIA is actually responsible for the attack, for the same reasons the Mossod are being touted around as responsible. It is all just baloney designed to inflame those that are already inflamed.
    The actual historical creation of the state of Israel is what Joules has written. The part that Britian played was that area was under British colonial rule, much as India had been. Please note that Pakistan is also a created country after WWII, so was Yugoslavia. Nigeria and Sudan had been part of the British colonial rule as well. Much of this part of the world had been ruled by the Ottoman Turks as well. The Turks during WWI, or perhaps just before WWI slaughtered a million Chrisitian Armenians, and never suffered for it. Hitler used that analogy when the final solution was worked out for the Jews. If memory serves me right, this took place in 1915. The Nazi's used the existing animosity between Christian and Muslims in Croatia, Serbia, Latvia, Lithiriana(sp)to assist them in their war. Some became Nazi sympathizers and used the war to slaughter those with different religious views. When it was all over nations were created in the attempt to not have a repeat. The creation of Israel was part of that. Britian gave the land to Israel because it was considered British territory. Somehow this was also wrapped up in what would happen with the Suez Canal, but I don't recall how. This country supported the creation of Israel from the beginning. And yes, the day after it was announced that the Nation of Israel existed as an independent nation the Arab Nations attacked. It is worthy to note that the fight for an independent Israel did not simply come full blown after WWII, Jews had started to travel to what was then called Palastine right after WWI, carving out a place for themselves there, under British rule. The UN in effect formally recognized what had already been happening. Of course after WWII many more Jews came to Palastine.
    I am well aware of what has occured in the Sudan, as I said my church sponsered three brothers from there last year. Their father is a Seventh day Adventist pastor. Just a couple months ago the boys father, mother and younger brother were able to get here after sponsership by the Seventh day Adventist Church. What little they have told us is enough to curl anyones hair. The boys in my town that were adopted by a family here, that are from the Sudan are all orphans from that war. When they first got here they were overwhelmed just by the little grocery store here. Here just short of a year they are doing very well. At the football game Friday one was walking around with his friends and he had an American flag bandana around his head. I wanted to go shake his hand. It is worth noting that in the Sudan it is radical factions of the Islamic faith that began the civil war there, demanding that all live under Islamic fundamentalist law. From the links above it sounds like that is what is happening in Nigeria as well. Perhaps that is had been(still is?) going on in Somalia? We must not forget Chechnia in Russia.
    Yes, this is a religious war whether we want it or not. The question is can the forces be controlled or not. I think we must positively continue to support Israel, not for religious reasons, but because that is what is right. One of my brothers in law, silly man that he is, just returned Tuesday from Israel. He left after the terrorist attacks, and was there when the bombing of Afganistan started. The preception of the Israeli's on the peace initatives from what he got, is that as long as the Arabs, Palastinines, etc... are not willing to believe and live that belief that Israel has the right to exist, then there will be no peace and the Israeli's will use whatever means they have to defend themselves, even if in this country we see them as a direct violation of civil rights, and tactics that are cruel. Extreme Palastinine Islamist groups like Hamas are not satisfied with having an independent Palastine state, they want Israel gone. Note that is what bin Laden also said. Not an independent state, but all the Israeli's gone. Some make it sound as if the UN took part of Palastine and just gave it to the Jews. That is a simplified version. The Jews were there already, farming the land and making something out of their little corner of the world that the Arabs had not managed in thousands of years. Somewhere France was mixed up in there too, because of their colonization in that area, but I can't remember how. Libya maybe? Grasping here, because I really can't remember. Lebenon perhaps.
    This on the CNN ticker a bit ago too, the Canterbury Cathedral in London was evacuated earlier today after a man was spotted sprinkling white powder there. No services were taking place. If this is what it may be, though possibly everyone is being extremely cautious and overly nervous here, then I have to see that as an outright attack on Christianity. The Anglican Communion has millions of adherents in the world, many in African countries that were British colonies. As an Episcopalian I am part of that communion. Have to wait and see on what turns out there.
    Thanks for the links above. It is appreciated.
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    Great posts, rncountry and Joules.
  10. by   eventsnyc
    rncountry, Congrats, your thread touches some important questions which the world leaders, for good reasons, are not showing us that they are ready to address yet!

    Very strong & honest posts! All.

  11. by   fergus51
    Thanks for all the info links, they were very interesting. I am so discouraged by all of this fighting. Israel and Palestinians have been fighting for 50 years. Who's right? I have no idea. I think Israel does have a right to exist, I also understand why Arabs might be a little miffed after having their land carved up and given away. And violence in Africa is hardly new. Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda, Sierre Leone and now Nigeria. I don't think this is all about Islamic clashes though. People have been killing eachother for years for all sorts of stupid reasons. It's absolutely tragic.

    Joules, you don't think Turkey is a democratic country? Or Indonesia? I would consider both to be democratic and I don't feel that religious freedoms are really violated there. I don't think that democracy and Islam are necessarily incompatible. (I even had a woman telling me that women are more free in Iran than they are here, an opinion that shocked me). Obviously Islam has influenced their system but we could argue that our system is not totally secular either. It's strange that we don't like countries like Saudi Arabia that are so strict yet our gov't supports their leaders.
  12. by   VickyRN
    Indonesia (85 percent Muslim, 10 percent Christian, 2 percent Hindu, and 1 to 1.5 percent Buddhistis) is not an Islamic State, per se. Muslims are the majority population in most regions of Sumatra and Java. Muslims also predominate in regions of Sulawesi and Kalimantan and are present as minorities in most other parts of the country. Most Christians reside in the eastern part of the country. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion in the provinces of Nusa Tengara Timor and Maluku. In the easternmost province of Irian Jaya, Protestants are predominant in the north and Catholics are the majority in the south. Other significant Christian populations are located in North Sumatra, in west and central Java, Kalimantan, and among urban Sino-Indonesians.

    This country allows freedom of religion to a degree, with restrictions on certain types of religious activity, including restrictions on officially recognized religions. This freedom has deteriorated in recent years due to increasing tension between the Christians and Muslims in this country. The Christians, especially, are now experiencing marked persecution from the radical Islamic element. Notwithstanding the public positions of tolerance adopted by senior government officials, lower level officials frequently are reluctant to facilitate and protect the rights of religious minorities. Minority houses of worship have been targeted for damage or destruction during riots. Both churches and mosques have been targeted; most often churches. Such attacks and the lack of an effective government response to punish perpetrators and prevent further attacks have led to allegations of official complicity in some of the incidents or, at a minimum, allowing them to occur with impunity.

    The facts above and below are excerpts from a report on freedom of religion in Indonesia, prepared by the US Government: (

    "Some of the worst interreligious violence erupted in Maluku province in January 1999 and continued well into the year, spreading to neighboring islands (notably the Kai island chain). The fighting had both religious and ethnic overtones but principally involved Muslims--both Muslims from the neighboring island of Sulawesi and Ambonese Muslims on one side--and Christians, mostly Protestants, on the other. More than 300 persons died and tens of thousands were displaced by the fighting in the early part of 1999, according to press and other sources. Clashes began in the provincial capital of Ambon in January, then spread to other islands in the Maluku province, disrupting a long tradition in the region of mutual tolerance between the two communities. According to some Ambonese, the traditionally good relations between Christians and Muslims were strained due to the arrival of less integrated Muslim newcomers from other parts of Indonesia, who threatened to upset the ethnic balance of the province. Economic competition between the two communities also appeared to play a role in the violence. Extensive damage resulted in Ambon, where houses, shops, and places of worship were burned and violent mobs fought, some armed with spears or machetes. Violence began to subside in April after the Government sent in a team of Muslim and Christian military leaders native to Ambon to oversee security for the region.

    In West Kalimantan, also during the early part of 1999, fighting broke out between the indigenous population--Dayaks (mostly Christian or animist) and Malayu (mostly Muslim)--who clashed with Madurese migrants (Muslims). Again, ethnic differences and tensions between indigenous people and newcomers appeared to be the source of the conflict, rather than religious differences.

    During the period covered by this report, there were numerous instances of attacks on churches, mosques, temples, and other religious facilities. There were also instances of preaching and publications against Christians, which led to concerns that societal support for religious tolerance was under pressure. Between January 1998 and late April 1999, Christian groups recorded 168 instances of attacks on churches and other Christian facilities. The attacks ranged in severity from broken windowpanes to total destruction. The Government has not resolved fully most cases of attacks on religious facilities and churches that occurred during riots, and in other cases has not investigated at all.

    In late November 1998, a brawl in Ketapang, West Jakarta, between Muslim local residents and Christian security guards of a gambling den, who were mainly of Ambonese descent, escalated into a riot in which 14 were killed and 27 local churches and Christian schools were attacked and in some cases destroyed. The anti-Christian violence in Jakarta prompted retaliatory anti-Muslim violence in Kupang, West Timor, in late November and early December. In Kupang (where Muslims are a minority), Christian mobs burned mosques, homes and shops belonging to Muslims. Dozens of Muslims were injured. In both the Jakarta and Kupang incidents, interethnic tensions, as well as interreligious tensions, were factors contributing to the violence.

    On July 24, 1998, a Protestant church was burned in the Depok area of south Jakarta. The church's congregation was Batak, an ethnic group with origins in north Sumatra. Although the church was in close proximity to a police station, the mob spent hours demolishing it to its foundations with sledgehammers. Police made no attempt to stop the destruction and have made no progress in investigating the incident. Church officials there repeated a perspective shared by some other Christian officials that, while the anti-Christian sentiment behind this violence is not new, the impunity associated with such acts is new and has contributed significantly to such attacks following the fall of the Soeharto Government and the coming to power of President B.J. Habibie.

    On February 13, 1998, serious anti-Christian and anti-ethnic Chinese violence broke out in west Java. Twenty-eight churches were attacked in several towns east and southeast of Jakarta. Mobs stoned windows, vandalized interiors, and in some cases attempted to burn the churches. Cars and other property belonging to the church and church members also were targeted for vandalism. Incidents such as these reflect religious tensions, as well as in some cases underlying socioeconomic and political tensions between poor Muslims and relatively more affluent ethnic Chinese Christians."
  13. by   VickyRN
    Below are excerpts from reports of increasing persecution of Christians in Indonesia (

    (Personal testimony of unnamed Christian in this country):
    Talking about human rights in Muslim country, I can testify that the human right issues are much worse in any muslim country as compare to the secular/developed world. Indonesia is not an Islamic State, but Islam is a predominant religion in this biggest archipelago of the world. Churches has been attacked and destroyed in the last 10 years then it ever happened since the Muslims-- who are the majority in this fourth most populous nation in the world-- try to lead the country in many aspect of life. After the last June church attacks in East Java, I just happened to read got in social.culture.indonesia about a Catholic Church in Eastern part of Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) burned by 300 people on September 17 1996. The Church (St.Leo the Great) was burned by mostly young muslims. This kind of incident always takes place when the coming election is at hand. The complain from the Christian community in most cases were not handled properly by the local authorities, especially since the present government tries to gain voters/sympathy from the majority muslims.

    Hundreds of Christian churches has been destroyed all over the country sides without any serious prevention from the authorities. Mass media are not allowed to cover any incident of church attacks in view of political stability purposes. License to build churches has been made difficult since 1970 through strict regulations. This kind of situation has prompted some Christian community to do their worship in houses or public buildings.

    Although the State Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and freedom of worship, in reality christians has been put in difficulties when they want to build their churches.

    In my neigborhood, we have to worship in a building (although it is in fact a church) without having to show the cross on top of the building as symbol of identity. By showing the cross, the surrounding muslims would feel bad about it and feel that their environment has been affected by the christian culture, something that I found it hypocrete. As christian, I am affraid that the honeymoon between the muslim and the government will be a bumerang. As long as the One Man authority is still in power (the President) stability can be maintained. But once the second longest President of the world (after Fidel Castro of Cuba) die, a new Bosnia or a new Sudan will appear. Don't forget to pray for God's churches in Indonesia.

    If you want to spread this information, please don't put my name on this article. Just for security purpose against the fanatic Indonesian muslims.

    Another sobering report (among several listed on this website):
    Forced Conversions, Circumcision in Moluccas

    January 19, 2001

    Conflict in the Moluccas is set to enter a third year with no end to the
    violence in sight. Disturbing new reports suggest Christian communities are
    facing forcible conversion and circumcision, adding a new dimension to a
    conflict that has already caused untold suffering. By conservative
    estimates at least 5000 have been killed and a further 500,000 displaced.
    Whilst the majority of Moluccans wish to see the conflict resolved, Islamist
    extremists and elements in the government and armed forces are widely
    believed to be behind the continuing violence.

    In a disturbing new development, hundreds of Christian families are being
    forced to convert to Islam or face death. Entire Christians villages are
    currently held captive by militants in East Seram, Keswui and Teor Islands
    facing the daily threat of violence.

    A disturbing pattern is emerging. Christian villagers receive an ultimatum
    to convert to Islam or face being killed. The Christians are told that they
    will be safe as long as they convert to Islam. Men are often separated from
    their families and kept under guard, whilst women and children are taken in
    by local Muslims. On a number of occasions, they have been taken to the
    local mosque, given 'religious training', and forced to adopt a Muslim name.
    Muslim militants have also targeted survivors of previous attacks who were
    hiding in the jungle.

    Eyewitness reports tell of men and children forcibly circumcised without
    painkillers and using dirty instruments. Refugees from Keswui report that
    many of the Christians there were circumcised with the same razor blade
    causing heavy bleeding. The Christians were then told to wash in the sea to
    disinfect their wounds.

    Particularly disquieting are reports of women forced to undergo female
    genital mutilation (FGM), a barbaric practice that has been condemned

    According to the Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, a human rights
    information centre, many of the circumcised Christians need urgent medical
    attention. As many as 473, out of a total of 692 Catholics in Keswui, have
    been forced to convert to Islam. The fate of the remaining 219 Catholics is

    The information CSW has received suggests that the predominantly Protestant
    Christian population of Seram is the current target of the Jihad militants.

    Whilst the Indonesian government has acknowledged these forced conversions
    and has sent investigation teams to Keswui and Teor, it has yet to take
    sufficient measures to successfully evacuate the Christian captives.

    In the meantime, hundreds of Christians and their families are being forced
    to deny their faith and are being held against their will, facing the threat
    of violence.

    LASKAR JIHAD (Jihad Force)
    Laskar Jihad, claiming over 10,000 members, has sent thousands of jihad
    'warriors' into the Moluccas. According to Government officials, up to 2000
    members of this Muslim militant group still remain in the Moluccas. Despite
    repeated government statements that these militants will not be allowed
    access to the islands, members appear to be able to travel freely into the
    area and act with impunity. Over 400 Jihad warriors arrived in the Moluccas
    on November 11 alone.

    Of particular concern is the freedom with which the leader of the Jihad
    force, Abdul Jaffar Umar Thalib, is able to travel to and from the Moluccas.
    His inflammatory speech at a mosque in Ambon during his September visit
    re-ignited the violence after a slight lull in August. Laskar Jihad has
    threatened to bring the violence to the streets of Jakarta should the
    government take action to curtail its activities.

    Evidence suggests that Laskar Jihad receives assistance from elements in the
    government and the armed forces as well as from international Islamist

    Stuart Windsor, National Director of CSW, spoke of his concern for those
    caught up in the violence. "Our thoughts and prayers are with all those
    suffering, whether through the loss of a loved one or the confusion and pain
    of displacement. It is imperative that the international community acts
    decisively and compassionately to help bring this conflict and suffering to
    an end. Whilst the Indonesian government has tried to resolve the conflict
    peacefully, it is clearly evident that peace and reconciliation efforts have
    little chance of success unless the members of the militant organisation,
    Laskar Jihad, and other outside provocateurs, are removed from the area".

    CSW is calling for Western governments to provide assistance for the
    immediate evacuation to safety of those threatened with forced conversion.

    CSW also calls on the Western government to urge the Indonesian Government
    to allow for international assistance in the Moluccas; and to facilitate the
    sending of human rights monitors to the area as a matter of urgency.

    A representative of the Moluccan Christian community in the UK concurs
    stating: "After 2 years of fighting, despite mediation and reconciliation
    efforts, surely there is a role now for the international community to step
    in and assist the Indonesian government to maintain peace in Moluccas and to
    investigate the large-scale human rights violations being committed there."

    For further information, photos, video footage and a campaign sheet, please
    contact CSW offices on tel.+44 208 942 8810/fax. +44 208 942 8821.

    Source: CSW sources, Masariku Network, Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina

    The following Christian villages have been forced to convert to Islam
    according to a Siwalima newspaper:

    East Seram - near Bula town (north coast)
    Salas Village, Bolan Village, Bonfia Village, Dalan Village

    Several other villages are believed to be at risk of forced conversions.

    Evacuation of refugees from Hatu and Hatumete villages
    CSW highlighted the plight of some 700 Christians living in Hatu and
    Hatumete who received an ultimatum to convert to Islam by November 31.

    The refugees from Hatumete, Salamahu and Ursina villages were all sheltering
    in Hatu and were in danger of attack by the Muslim militants.

    They were evacuated to safety by Masariku Network, an Indonesian human
    rights organisation, before the 'deadline' run out. However, the refugees
    are in urgent need of food, shelter and medicines.

    Many of the Hatu villagers, however, have decided to remain behind to defend
    their village.

    CSW assisted financially with some of the evacuations.
    (Note: Photos and video-footage available)

    2. KESWUI ISLAND (also known as Kasui and Kesui island)
    Location: Between South-Eastern tip of Seram (Ceram)island and Kei Island

    Hitherto untouched by the conflict, the predominantly Catholic Christian
    population of Keswui Island was unexpectedly attacked by Muslim militants
    from the surrounding islands of Geser and Gorong leaving at least 9 people
    dead and several villages destroyed.

    Utta village: Attacked November 23, Karlomin village: Attacked November 24
    Wunin village: Attacked November 26, Tanasoa village: Attacked November 26.

    Survivors fled to the jungle. There they received an ultimatum to convert to
    Islam or be killed.

    Three evacuation attempts have been made so far but these have been largely
    unsuccessful due to inadequate security in the face of threatened attacks by
    Muslim militants. Women and children were kept in the villages as hostages
    to ensure that the men taken on board the evacuation ship would declare that
    they had converted voluntarily and did not wish to be evacuated.

    Location: Next to Keswui island

    There are six predominantly Catholic Christian villages on Teor. Many of the
    Christians fled to Kei Islands after the attacks in Keswui.

    According to Crisis Centre out of the 841 Catholics in Teor, 142 have been
    forced to convert to Islam. Some 300 Christians managed to escape to Kei. A
    further 400 Christians are still in Teor.

    Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW)
    Po Box 99, New Malden
    Surrey KT3 3YF, UK
    Tel/fax: + 44 208 942 881/+44 208 942 8821
  14. by   semstr
    This is nothing new.
    In Indonesia there are (religios)riots since years.
    Ever since 1948, as they became independent from the Netherlands, the minorities started fighting. The way it is in a lot of African countries too.
    It's not always about religion, sometimes it's about very (for us) incredible easy things, like the watersupply in the villages.

    Or, the greatcousin of your aunt had an accident involving and killing your cousin 3. degree, 25 years ago.
    Well, trouble!
    It sounds unreasonable, but things like this can start a riot.

    Life has a different value for a lot of people, that's why they think and act the way they do and it makes it hard to understand for us "westeners"

    Mccountry and others, your knowledge about Israel and Palestina is good, but there were so many other things going on there...........
    Want to read a good book or two? Leon Uris The Exodus and books from Theodor Herzl, he who "founded" Israel and started Zionisme.

    BTW, mccountry, the leading nazi were definetly not the 3. Reichs intellectuals................ they were found among the Jews, who were either killed or some of them, fortunately,managed to escape. Most of them to the US.

    take care, Renee