Musings for a summer's day

  1. 1) I'm glad I live in the present time. As hot as it's been this summer, I can't imagine having to wear long skirts and several layers of underclothing every day, let alone not having air conditioning, electric fans, and swimming pools. And can you imagine how people must have smelled back when there was no such thing as deodorant and regular bathing? YEECCCHHH.
    2) I've decided that the only real downside to summer is that there are children here. No family, no matter how much they really love each other, should be together 24/7, which is why God invented jobs and the public school system.
    3) I've also decided that hot dogs and hamburgers aren't worth eating unless they're cooked on an old-fashioned charcoal BBQ grill. None of those expensive, state-of-the-art gas grills for me: give me some cheap meat, a $60 Smokey Joe, a bag of Kingsford briquets, and a generous splash of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, and I'll produce food that tastes like Heaven.
    4) The older I get, the less I care what I look like. So what if I'm an overweight middle-aged woman: I refuse to be embarrassed by wearing shorts and a tank top to the river. (I draw the line at bathing suits though; I still have SOME dignity left.)
    5) Summer is far too short to rush through. No matter how hot it gets, a part of me never forgets that the dark and the cold will return all too soon.

    Enjoy summer!
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  3. by   jnette
    Nice.. I love summer, too. EasyBreezy. No hassle summers. Walk out to the mailbox in your jammies or nighty.. barefoot. Sit on the porch and watch fireflies.

    Yep, charchoal grill here, too ! Awaken to the singing of the birds..
    Clothes hanging on the line to dry...

    Young ppl full of energy, mischief, and smiles...

    LOVE summer !!!

    "Summertime....... and the livin' is eeeeasy.... fish are jumpin... and the cotton is highhhhhhh..."

    Sang that song to myself yesterday as I was tubin' down New River...
  4. by   iliel
    I wish I was were you two are! Summer here is like winter everywhere else. I feel stuck in the house. It's so @%#$ hot that I can't go outside and run around without risking heat stroke! I actually get paler in the summer than fall and spring.
    I long for the days when it's under 100!
  5. by   petiteflower
    Good musings---especially #2.
    I am counting the days until school starts. I enjoy my children, but I found I also enjoy my days at home alone as well. Then I am not up until midnight or later playing on the computer for quiet time.
  6. by   MomNRN
    Watch what you are wishing for folks! This is a school nurse talking who only has three weeks of vacation left!

    I love my summers, you can stay up late on the computer, sleep in, get caught up on housecleaning, read lots of books, enjoy my children, and just be a bum!

    I'm not ready for summer to end!