MTV profiles Nursing?

  1. MTV has a new "reality" show premiering in September called Nursing Nation, This is MTV's description of the show:

    "Nurse Nation is a new docu-series that follows nine twenty-something travel nurses all assigned to work at a new hospital in a brand new city for 13 weeks. Some of them have been doing this for years, while others are on their first tour. Cameras will be there every step of the way as they take on the unique challenges and intense pressures of working in the medical profession as they face life or death decisions every day. But it's not 'all work and no play.' On days off, they take advantage of all that their host city has to offer, meet new people and potential new loves while often trying to keep previous relationships and friendships alive. It's the ultimate 'work-hard/play-hard' lifestyle."

    Do you have concerns about MTV's possible Portrayal of nurses? Nurses have worked hard to obtain the amount of public trust that we have. Do you think this show could tarnish that reputation? Do you think it will enhance it? Do you think it will attract new people to the profession? Will people become nurses for the wrong reason? Weigh in.
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  3. by   Catch22Personified
    I'm now sure how bad MTV is these days but if this was a TLC show we would have nurses depicted as trashy sexual deviants without a single ounce of humanity.

    Who am I kidding? This is "reality" television and a show about the healthcare profession.
  4. by   bigsick_littlesick
    I know I'll end up watching it. It sounds like 'Real World' meets the nursing. It's going to be staged and dramatic but if it's anything like their 'True Life' series, it might be good. There's already so many people wanting to become nurses and for many different reasons, whether it be for money or because they truly want to help people. I'm sure there will be lots of partying and drunken escapades but I know nurses who like to have a good time and still come to work professional. Just depends on the person.
  5. by   VampyrSlayer
    This worries me. I'm not even in nursing school yet, but the hotel I work at while doing my prereqs are majority travel nurses staying in our apartment-like suites. Some here for a few weeks, a few for over a year. They are all hardworking and respectful/respectable people and knowing MTV this will have as much drama as Teen Mom. Here's hoping they don't come to our hotel.
  6. by   RLtinker
    MTV Nurse Nation - What's on TV?
    There is already a thread on this.
    Knowing MTV they will pick the most irresponsible early 20 something nurses they can find and maybe a few "nurse Jackie" types for variety. All the while romanticizing the travel, higher pay, the fact that many agencies pay for living arrangements and ignoring the negative aspects of being a travel nurse.
  7. by   RixMix
    I feel sorry for the patients who go to the hospital for treatment during a down period in their life only to get disclosure forms thrown in their face by some producer
  8. by   juan de la cruz
    I'm in my 40's, I stopped watching MTV decades ago (and VH1 for that matter).
  9. by   That Guy
    I know a few nurses who could have been on that show.
  10. by   BrandonLPN
    As if new grad RNs didn't already have unrealistic expectations....

    This show's going to lead to new grads being disappointed that they can't land high-paying travel contracts in big city hospitals fresh out of nursing school.
  11. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    I'm old enough to long for the days when MTV meant MUSIC TV!!!
  12. by   roxalot
    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    I'm old enough to long for the days when MTV meant MUSIC TV!!!
    me too! After watching VMAs last night, I remembered why I quit watching MTV.
  13. by   Silverlight2010
    How do they film these kinds of shows with all the concern about HIPAA?
  14. by   That Guy
    Quote from Silverlight2010
    How do they film these kinds of shows with all the concern about HIPAA?
    You really think they are going to highlight what they do in the hospital? What we do out of the hospital is waaay more interesting than actually helping people in their eyes.