Moving to Texas, just wondering about the hospitals in the houstan area!

  1. Hey everyone , I'm new to the chat so just wanted to say hi first. Anyway the reason I'm posting is because I'll getting married soon and moving to the Houstan Texas area, and would like to know the good the bad the the ugly of the area hosptials. I've never even been to Texas yet my fiance' just got a job there so off I go Were looking into living in the Katy or Sugar Land areas.(not even sure if these are good) So any advice on the surrounding hospitals would be so greatly appreciated.

    By the way I'm an RN who works in the OR....but I some day have dreams of going back to what I love which is Hospice....

    Please Help me
    Lost among the south
    Mari :imbar
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  3. by   LaVorneRN
    I'm from Houston and my mother in law lives in Katy. My husband says there's a new hospital (maybe 3-4 yrs old) on Fry Road about 2 blocks on the South side of I-10. He thinks it's the intersection of Barker Cypress and Fry but not sure what that cross road of Fry is. Maybe 5 miles from there is a hospital on I-10 and Gessner used to be called Memorial City Medical Center(think the name changed) it's across the street from Memorial City Mall. I used to work there. I live in Florida now but our families are still there. There's always the medical center with quite a few options but that's out of the way, downtown. Driving/traffic in Houston is insane so be ready for it. Look out for sign on bonuses too. Good luck.
  4. by   suzanne4
    all i can add is a warm welcome...........
  5. by   my2sons
    Christus St. Catherine is the hospital LaVorne is talking about-it is right in Katy, as is Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital. They are both small, stabilizing hospitals. Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital is the largest hospital near Katy (work there). The Medical Center is huge, many hospitals to choose from. The traffic is horrible going towards/away from downtown Houston and the Medical Center from the outlying areas (like Katy), so if you and your husband plan on working downtown/Med Center--I'd re-thing about moving to Katy. I-10, the Katy Freeway, is lovingly referred to as the "Katy Parking Lot" a 3-4 lane highway moving at 20 mph toward town in the morning and towards Katy in the afternoon. We chose our house location so that we'd be driving in the opposite direction of everybody else to get to/from work on the recommendation of a long time Houstonian, and are so glad we did. No trouble getting nursing jobs here, with or without experience. PM me if you have any detailed questions. Oh, and brush up on your Spanish and Tegalo. hehehe
  6. by   mattsmom81
    Welcome to Texas!! Houston is big and sprawling, so are the inner city hospitals, but they pay well I hear! Good luck...and be careful...if you've never lived in a huge city like Houston you may not recognize the potential for danger. Lots of carjackings and definitely areas you don't want to drive in...

    I am in Fort Worth but have some friends who take travel assignments to Houston on ocasion... Ben Taub and the other huge trauma centers, helps keep their skills up they tell me. They see it all there.

    Again, Welcome!