Moving to Maine- I'm scared!!!

  1. Now, I know that some of you live in Maine....HELP ME!! I was born and raised in the DEEEEEEEEEEEP south. My husband and I have finally dcided where we are moving- Maine! (Had ya' figgered that out by now?) ;>P I have never lived anywhere else in my life, and while I am excited to death about this, I am also scared as hell! I visited southern Maine ONCE when I was thirteen, and though I remember the trip with great fondness, I also know that living there is a whole lot different than visiting. Being a nurse, the first thing we're looking at is larger cities where I can get work. My husband is extremely flexible in this area, and will take any sort of job, so his type of work is not really a consideration. I was looking at info for Portland and Bangor, but what I am begging you for is some help!! I really need to know what your experiences have been living in Maine- good or bad, lay it on me, as this is a certainty, and the more reared I am, the less I will feel like peeing on myself!! I am wondering about the winters, but really am more interested in the differences between living there and living anywhere else in the country. What are the people like? What are the HOSAPITALS like, and will I be able to support myself? I am currently working in NICU- are there opportunities there for that unit? I looked at various hospitals, but found only one or two openings. What are my options in nursing, and how much are nurses paid in southern Maine? ANYTHING, I'M BEGGING YOU!!! Feel free to email me with any tips you have. I know people probably ask you this type of thing all the time, but we will be moving in about a year and a half, and as I said, I'm excited but terrified. This is a huge thing for me!! He's lived everywhere but the moon, and I am terribly eager to leave the South, but am naturally frightened of the looming unknown. Thanks for helping me sleep tonight!! I love you guys and promise to cook you a fabulous spread when I get there if you promise to hit me with all you've learned. ;>)
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  3. by   ats
    Aww, Kristi, congratulations! Can't offer you much in the way of living in Maine, but I have moved cross-country from PA to MN, so I understand the stress. You'll do just fine, I'm sure.

    Hope things are looking up for you -- you deserve to be happy!

  4. by   Lausana
    Congratulations Kristi!! I don't have much advice in the ways of Maine...but I LOVE the parts of the East coast that I've stayed in, and wouldn't mind living there near the ocean someday...

    Winters will probably be the biggest adjustment since you're used to sweltering heat :chuckle But I'll let someone else fill you in, who lives there... But I bet they have beautiful season changes like we do here!

    Best of Luck!
    I grew up in Maine, and have only moved away in the last few years d/t marriage, husband's law school, etc..................

    Anywho, I think that you will find you really like Maine. If you're looking for a bigger-type city, Portland area/southern Maine would be your place......more hospitals, etc. Also, lots of cultural events, art museum, stuff to do. Bangor has only 2 hospitals, a Catholic hospital still run by nuns (St. Joseph), and the larger hosptial, Eastern Maine Medical Center. It is a pretty interesting place to work, though, as people are brought in from all over northern and eastern Maine to get better medical care. My mom worked in the ER there for over 20 yrs prior to becoming a PA. Saw lots of interesting things..............(Bangor International Airport is the closest airport when emergencies occur while flying from Europe, so they often bring foreigners directly from the airport to the hospital). However, I'm not sure, but it would seem they must have a NICU at EMMC, but probably not at St. Joe's.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions..........I can't tell you how much nurses make there, since I now live in Ohio. But I can probably answer any other questions you might have about the state!! It's a great place to live!!
    the website for Eastern Maine Medical Center is

    And they do have a NICU
  7. by   live4today
    Kristi....I have never been to Maine but have always wanted to go. I corresponded once with a man in Maine many many years ago, but never met in person. He talked very fondly of Maine, too.
    I hear it's very beautiful and serene in many places there. I wish you and your hubby well though. :kiss
  8. by   Dplear

    s a person who has lived in that neck of the woods....may I suggest New Hampshire? NO STATE INCOME TAX OR SALES TAX..... Maine charges an arm and leg for state income tax. Plus I think New Hapshire is a lot prettier. But if you are going to Maine I suggest you stick close to the Portland area. A lot more hospitals and alot better weather than up in Bangor. (just think Stephen king sets most of his novels locations in northern maine...)

  9. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Just think, moving up there where its closer to all that fresh maine lobstering areas. Sounds tasty as can be. If you need some recipes I have several

    doo wah ditty
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i justed wanted to say, all the best to you and yours!
  11. by   kristi915
    I LIVE IN MAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll send you an email sometime after I finish this dang homework!!
  12. by   Ragin Cajun
    I just returned from a month in Maine visiting my son and his family. I love Maine. The people are very friendly, and there is lots to do and see. I've been there in the winter and summer, and even for a southerner did not find the winter too cold. I was there yr before last when they had a blizzard. There was 4-5 ft of snow on the ground. I loved it. My son is buying a house there, as they feel it is a great place to raise children. It is very safe. Don't know much about jobs, but there was a big Hosp. in Portland. (Southern Maine Med. Center). There is also a clinic there in several locations, Martin's Point?, where my d-i-l takes the kids. They have a web site. I think that you would enjoy it a lot. Good luck.
  13. by   shay
    HOLY CRAP!!! I am floored. y'all are leaving the bayou, eh? Well, here's wishing you a much less........ummm..........hmmmm........crack-whore populated hospital (your stories scare me!! :chuckle).

    When are ya moving? Don't be askeered, dahlin'....moving is exciting sometimes, especially when you're an ADULT (sucks as a kid, trust me).

    Hey, when you get there, grab some lobster for me and ship it down here, will ya?
  14. by   e-nurse
    I'm moving to Maine too! Interviewing @ Maine Medical Center in Portland next month, and plan on moving in January. I grew up in RHode Island and moved here to Connecticut 2 years ago when I graduated to get experience and have been dying to get out of this god-forsaken state ever since. Maine is beautiful! Moosehead Lake and Mount Desert Island are must sees- you'll want to go back to these spots alot, especially if you like hiking, biking, kayaking, ect. Good Luck, you'll love it.